Assassin's Apprentice Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robin Hobb
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Chapter 1, The Earliest History

• Fitz's earliest memory is being six and dropped off at the fortress by his grandfather who was tired of struggling to provide for him.

• His grandfather tells the guard that Fitz is the bastard son of Prince Chivalry.

• Burrich, the prince's stableman, takes charge of Fitz and moves him into his own apartment.

• Burrich is the one who names Fitz.

• Fitz overhears Burrich, Prince Verity and Prince Regal talking about how Regal and the Queen want him killed, but the King will not allow it.

• The king wants to see what becomes of the boy, but Regal is concerned about the line to the thrown.

• Fitz never meets his father as Chivalry abdicates his right to the thrown and leaves before Fitz arrives at the keep.

Chapter 2, Newboy

• While Fitz is waiting for Cob to return with some food, a crowd gathers as a...

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