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Section 1

• E.M. Forster is giving a series of lectures at Trinity College at Cambridge University in 1927.

• Forster discusses the life and career of William George Clark, who started the lecture series at Trinity College.

• Forster says he will not follow Clark's guidelines for the lecture series, in that he does not believe the study of literature can be confined to time periods.
• Forster uses excerpts from famous authors to demonstrate his point.

• His first excerpts are from Samuel Richardson and Henry James, noting that 150 years separate these like-minded writers.

• The second set of excerpts are descriptions of funerals from Charles Dickens and H.G. Wells.

• The third set of excerpts that demonstrate the futility of time periods is from Virginia Woolf and Laurence Sterne.
• Forster will discuss the novel in terms of key components.

• He warns the audience that a novel is not simply a sum of...

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