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1. Why does Oliver, the eldest son of the deceased Sir Rowland, pay for Jaques' education but will not give Orlando his inheritance?

Oliver becomes the guardian of Orlando and Jaques after their father dies. He gives Jaques his money, because he is not a threat to Oliver. Orlando is well-liked by everyone and, therefore, poses a threat to Oliver and the throne.

2. Why is Rosalind kept at court after her father, Duke Senior, is banished to the forest?

Duke Frederick is fond of Rosalind, as she is his niece and also very close to her cousin, Celia. Celia would miss her dearly and Duke Frederick does love Rosalind. She is kept at court in the company of Celia.

3. Why does Charles the Wrestler tell Oliver that Orlando has decided to wrestle?

Charles alerts Oliver that Orlando intends to wrestle. Charles is nervous that Orlando will be severely injured or killed. He is the one to wrestle Orlando and wants Oliver to talk his brother out of the match.

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