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Objective: In Act 1, Scene 1, character foils are introduced. Foils occur when characters contrast one another, and the contrasts highlight facets of the characters. The conflict between Oliver and Orlando mirrors that of Duke Frederick and Duke Senior. The objective of this lesson is to discuss the foil between these two conflicts and determine how they will function in juxtaposition to one another in the narrative.

1) Small-group activity: Divide the class into small groups to examine either Orlando and Oliver's relationship or Duke Frederick and Duke Senior's relationship. What is the conflict at hand? What are the two parties involved like? Afterward, pair the groups off with a group who examined the other relationship. How are these two groups foiling each other? What similarities and contrasts exist between the two? What do these similarities and contrasts highlight or clarify about one another?

2) Class discussion: The foil that exists...

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