As You Like It Character Descriptions

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Adam - This character represents the ideal of service.

Aliena - This is one of the female character's aliases.

Amiens - This character voluntarily goes into exile.

Attendants - These characters do not have speaking roles.

Audrey - This character's logic is easily twisted by other characters.

Celia - This character represents that pastoral identity in Elizabethan England.

Charles - This character informs the audience of several important plot details early in the play.

Corin - This character's direct logic exposes the superficiality of court life.

Dennis - This character appears briefly when announcing a guest.

Duke Frederick - This character has disruptive intentions at first but is miraculously converted to the contemplative life.

Duke Senior - This character is a cohesive force that pulls together both discrete characters and situations.

Foresters - These characters are that of the literary pastoral voice of shepherd invented by...

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