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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Arturo take from Camilla's car?

2. When Arturo cries about Vera's misfortune, he:

3. When Arturo and Camilla go to the shooting gallery, she:

4. Hellfrick helps Arturo:

5. How does the author tell us that Vera is an older woman?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do you consider Arturo pathetic for taking Camilla's hat?

2. What does the sad character, Vera's presence in this chapter represent to Arturo?

3. Why is Arturo no longer feeling particularly threatened by Sammy?

4. Arturo seems invigorated by having experienced the earthquake in Long Beach. Why is he so vocal and full of stories about his heroism?

5. Arturo finally gets a big break with the publishing of his new book about Vera. What happens to Camilla?

6. Why does Arturo swear off the Catholic church in this chapter?

7. Why does Arturo send the escaped Camilla money, after all of her unkindness toward him?

8. What is Arturo's intention when he waits in Camilla's car for her?

9. Does maturity has much to do with the constant friction between Arturo and Camilla?

10. What does Fante accomplish with the character, Vera, and the relationship between her and Arturo?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Arturo resigns himself to not finding Camilla in the end of the story, how does he comfort himself?

1) Discuss Arturo's mixed feelings toward Camilla.

2) If he had found her, how might Camilla's life have changed, if at all?

3) Was Camilla's problem with life all in her head? Did she have some real challenges?

Essay Topic 2

Arturo's fears are looming, complicated and numerous. Although he lists some of them earlier in the story, during the earthquake we are allowed to observed the true depth of his phobias.

1) How does the bed hanging from the open wall of Vera's demolished apartment affect Arturo?

2) How would you describe his state as he watches the people gathering and singing?

3) What are the more humorous responses Arturo has to the earthquake?

Essay Topic 3

1) Discuss the symbolism of milk that Fante uses throughout the story. It represents many things and appears at different events in Arturo's life. Look at each of these events and determine what it is that Fante is trying to show us, using milk as a symbol.

2) What are the different characteristics of the milk in each instance?

3) What does milk represent to Arturo?

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