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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Arturo's initial response to Camilla's request is to:
(a) Write a nice goodbye letter to Sammy
(b) Throw her out of his apartment
(c) Ignore her and go back to his novel
(d) Write a scathing, hurtful letter to Sammy

2. Whose poetry does Vera quote to Arturo?
(a) Keats
(b) Frost
(c) Emerson
(d) Millay

3. When Arturo cries about Vera's misfortune, he:
(a) Wonders what he can do to ease her pain
(b) Decides to introduce her to Camilla
(c) Quickly reverts back to thinking of his own problems
(d) Considers getting her to counseling

4. Arturo knows he will go to visit Vera. What does he think she will help him with?
(a) He will learn to better hold his alcohol
(b) He will learn all of the tricks she knows about gambling
(c) He learn to be more relaxed around women
(d) He will learn to behave more passionately toward Camilla

5. What is the guilt and shame that Arturo feels about having been with Vera?
(a) He is sorry that he thought of Camilla the entire time
(b) He feels he has committed the mortal sin of adultery
(c) He feels he has taken advantage of Vera's loneliness
(d) He feels he has violated Vera's innocence

Short Answer Questions

1. When Arturo returns to Camilla's with a nightgown and reading material:

2. After some champagne, Arturo's attitude toward the prostitutes is that:

3. What does Vera think of Arturo's writing?

4. Arturo decides to be nicer to Sammy because he realizes:

5. To ease his hurt feelings, Arturo pays to:

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Arturo's response to his sexual success with Vera.

2. What is Arturo's intention when he waits in Camilla's car for her?

3. Discuss what happens to Arturo's relationship with Hellfrick.

4. Arturo seems invigorated by having experienced the earthquake in Long Beach. Why is he so vocal and full of stories about his heroism?

5. Why is Arturo no longer feeling particularly threatened by Sammy?

6. What does the sad character, Vera's presence in this chapter represent to Arturo?

7. Arturo is feeling fairly good until Camilla shows up. What emotions does Camilla bring out in Arturo?

8. Discuss Arturo's response to seeing Camilla laughing over his telegram by going dancing. Is his response predictable?

9. Why does Arturo send the escaped Camilla money, after all of her unkindness toward him?

10. What purpose does Willie fill in Camilla's life?

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