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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For his story, Arturo receives the whopping sum of:
(a) $100
(b) $175
(c) $350
(d) $500

2. Slinging racial slurs at Camilla is:
(a) A result of Arturo's pain
(b) Arturo's response to her kindness
(c) Arturo's way of molding her
(d) A way to flirt with her

3. Americans with names like Parker and Smith:
(a) Have hurt Arturo in the past
(b) Have supported Arturo's career
(c) Represent opportunity
(d) Are godless opportunists

4. The Alta Loma Hotel is in L.A's:
(a) Bunker Hill District
(b) Long Beach area
(c) Black Belt district
(d) Laguna Beach district

5. Arturo asks Camilla if her huaraches:
(a) Hurt her feet
(b) Could be any shabbier
(c) Help her emphasize that she is a filthy greaser
(d) Are her way of making a statement about herself

Short Answer Questions

1. Hellfrick claims to be:

2. Arturo's only job is:

3. Arturo's attitude toward Mexicans is:

4. Arturo's worst enemy may be:

5. Mrs. Hargraves makes Arturo feel:

Short Essay Questions

1. After his wild spending spree, Arturo rejects his new belongings. Discuss the reasons for this.

2. In their final exchange of insults for this chapter, Camilla forces Arturo into kissing her. Discuss the significance of the kiss.

3. Based on his situation in Chapter 1, do you think someone like Arturo will be successful in his chosen career?

4. Discuss Camilla's new white shoes.

5. Is Arturo stalking Camilla in this chapter?

6. Mr. Hellfrick is an angry alcoholic who owes money to a very poor young man. Is he a bad person?

7. How is Arturo trying to appear to the waitress? What impression does he want to give her?

8. Why does Arturo buy and eat this enormous number of oranges?

9. Discuss the essence of Burt Hargraves, and its effect on Arturo Bandini.

10. How does Arturo reveal his true feelings toward Camilla in this chapter?

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