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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Except for one nickel, Arturo uses the small amount of money from Hellfrick to:
(a) Buy milk
(b) Buy cookies
(c) Pay rent
(d) Buy writing paper

2. Rather than just paying Arturo what he owes him, Hellfrick instead:
(a) Asks him for more money
(b) Arranges for Arturo to steal milk
(c) Steals milk for Arturo from his friend
(d) Provides him with alcohol

3. Arturo thinks people who don't live in California see it as a land of:
(a) Streets paved with gold
(b) Milk and honey
(c) Opportunity
(d) Movie stars and prosperity

4. The beer Camilla serves Arturo:
(a) She pays for from her own pocket
(b) Is warm and flat
(c) Is free and on the house
(d) He refuses to pay for

5. Instead of leaving the hotel for good, Arturo decides to:
(a) Take a walk and get some coffee
(b) Work on his writing
(c) Take an afternoon nap
(d) Write a letter to his editor

Short Answer Questions

1. Arturo's worst enemy may be:

2. Arturo is afraid of:

3. The hotel guest who was interested in Filipinos:

4. Arturo inscribes his story to Mrs. Hargraves:

5. Slinging racial slurs at Camilla is:

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Camilla's new white shoes.

2. Why do Arturo and Camilla perpetuate the negativity between them?

3. What role does the resident mouse in Arturo's room play in the story?

4. How does Arturo reveal his true feelings toward Camilla in this chapter?

5. With all the stimulus in Los Angeles, why do you suppose Arturo has writer's block?

6. Why is Arturo Bandini so mean and insulting to the Mexican waitress?

7. What makes Chapter 2 comical, if anything?

8. Why does Arturo portray himself as such a patriotic American?

9. Why does Arturo give Mrs. Hargraves an extra five dollars with his rent payment?

10. How does Arturo survive his deep depression and low self-worth?

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