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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Camilla runs after Arturo because:
(a) She wants to apologize for her behavior
(b) She wants him to come back
(c) He forgot his book
(d) She wants him to pay for his coffee

2. Arturo comments that the restaurant's expensive Scotch is:
(a) Rotgut
(b) Nasty
(c) Delicious
(d) Cheap

3. The ride Arturo and Sammy take in Camilla's car is:
(a) Sentimental
(b) Wreckless and dangerous
(c) Pleasant and smooth
(d) Loud and bumpy

4. Mr. Heilman was:
(a) A sun lover
(b) Thrilled to be in the California culture
(c) Unhappy about being in California
(d) Very rich and comfortable

5. After insulting Camilla again, Arturo feels:
(a) Like a big man
(b) Stupid
(c) Ashamed
(d) Transparent

Short Answer Questions

1. Mrs. Hargraves makes Arturo feel:

2. A very important figure in Arturo's life is:

3. Waiting for the milkman's arrival, Arturo passes the time by:

4. Instead of leaving the hotel for good, Arturo decides to:

5. The name of Arthur's only published work is:

Short Essay Questions

1. With all the stimulus in Los Angeles, why do you suppose Arturo has writer's block?

2. Discuss the essence of Burt Hargraves, and its effect on Arturo Bandini.

3. What makes Arturo finally ask his mother for money?

4. What is the basis of Arturo's daring move to Los Angeles? What has given him the courage to relocate?

5. In their final exchange of insults for this chapter, Camilla forces Arturo into kissing her. Discuss the significance of the kiss.

6. Discuss Camilla's new white shoes.

7. How is Arturo trying to appear to the waitress? What impression does he want to give her?

8. Why does Arturo buy and eat this enormous number of oranges?

9. Arturo reveals in Chapter 2 the two things that drive him. What are they?

10. What makes Chapter 2 comical, if anything?

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