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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sammy tells Arturo that:
(a) He had better be nice to Camilla
(b) He is being too nice to Camilla
(c) Camilla is not a nice girl
(d) Camilla is very nice to him

2. With his novel published, Arturo's life has:
(a) Become less interesting
(b) Gotten lonelier
(c) Improved considerably
(d) Gone downhill

3. How does Arturo escape from Vera at the bar?
(a) He sneaks out from the men's room to a back alley
(b) He pretends to be sick
(c) He joins a group of friends and leaves
(d) He loses himself in a pinball game

4. How does Arturo try to help Vera?
(a) He tells her it will all be over soon
(b) He shares about his own loneliness with her
(c) He gives her drink after drink
(d) He asks her to dance with him

5. Why does Arturo write an angry essay about Catholicism?
(a) Because the church makes him feel guilty
(b) Because his mother has pushed Catholicism
(c) Because a priest criticized his story
(d) Because he no longer believes in God

6. Arturo's novel will be published, but Camilla is now:
(a) Ill with tuberculosis
(b) Employed by a hotel
(c) Going her own way
(d) In a deep state of depression

7. To ease his hurt feelings, Arturo pays to:
(a) Eat meat with Hellfrick
(b) Dance with a blonde
(c) See a cheap movie
(d) Be driven around town

8. Arturo calls Camilla a cheap imitation of:
(a) A Mexican
(b) A woman
(c) An American
(d) A friend

9. At the beach, Arturo hates the seagulls, and Camilla hates the:
(a) Sand
(b) Kids
(c) Wind
(d) Crabs

10. What does Arturo listen for on the Marines' broadcast?
(a) He listens for news of traffic to LA
(b) He listens for Camilla's name as one of the deceased
(c) He tries to determine whether the quake has ended
(d) He tries to learn if the earthquake has destroyed LA

11. Camilla's puppy, Willie, provides her with a sense of:
(a) A sense of purpose
(b) Ways to stay busy
(c) Comfort and joy
(d) Agitation and restlessness

12. When Arturo returns to Camilla's with a nightgown and reading material:
(a) Unlocks the door and goes back to bed
(b) Accepts the gifts and locks him out
(c) Shrieks and alarms her neighbors
(d) Invites him in seductively

13. Whose poetry does Vera quote to Arturo?
(a) Millay
(b) Emerson
(c) Keats
(d) Frost

14. Why does Arturo tell wild stories of his great heroism after the earthquake?
(a) To get some attention from those who were not there
(b) To impress people with his religious faith
(c) To create humor in a bad situation
(d) To soothe his deep fear of earthquakes

15. When Arturo feels like "Bandini" with Camilla, he:
(a) Becomes tender and attentive
(b) Becomes aggressive and rough
(c) Becomes aloof and cold
(d) Becomes talkative and intellectual

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vera offer to do for Arturo when they become intimate?

2. Camilla responds to Arturo's request to marry her:

3. When Arturo does something nice, he is often:

4. Arturo feels his novel will serve to:

5. Arturo finds Camilla in his closet:

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