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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Arturo's novel will be published, but Camilla is now:
(a) Going her own way
(b) Employed by a hotel
(c) Ill with tuberculosis
(d) In a deep state of depression

2. Sammy is terminally ill with:
(a) Alcoholism
(b) Tuberculosis
(c) A brain tumor
(d) Lung cancer

3. Why does Arturo leave Camilla to return to Los Angeles?
(a) To see if she can make it alone
(b) To buy new furnishings
(c) To check out of his hotel room
(d) To pick up his mail

4. Camilla's apartment is:
(a) Dark and mysterious
(b) Sparkling and organized
(c) Dirty and untidy
(d) Beautifully decorated

5. When Arturo returns to Camilla's with a nightgown and reading material:
(a) Accepts the gifts and locks him out
(b) Unlocks the door and goes back to bed
(c) Invites him in seductively
(d) Shrieks and alarms her neighbors

6. After writing his attack on the Catholic church, Arturo:
(a) Mails it to his mother
(b) Disposes of it
(c) Sends it to the Pope
(d) Mails it to his childhood priest

7. The escapee, Camilla, asks for money from Arturo through:
(a) Notes slipped under his door
(b) Midnight phone calls
(c) Telegrams using an alias
(d) Letters from various post offices

8. When Arturo does something nice, he is often:
(a) Angry at himself
(b) Temporarily humbled
(c) Self-congratulatory
(d) Headed for another religious breakthrough

9. Why does Arturo tell wild stories of his great heroism after the earthquake?
(a) To impress people with his religious faith
(b) To create humor in a bad situation
(c) To soothe his deep fear of earthquakes
(d) To get some attention from those who were not there

10. Hellfrick wants to borrow money from Arturo, this time for:
(a) Meat
(b) Gin
(c) Cigarettes
(d) Milk

11. What does Vera think of Arturo's writing?
(a) It is brilliant
(b) It is mediocre
(c) It is no good
(d) She has not read it

12. The priest Arturo sees has an objection to the passage in Arturo's story dealing with:
(a) The Rosary
(b) The Liturgy
(c) The Catechism
(d) The Holy Sacrament

13. What does Vera initially want from Arturo?
(a) She wants him to buy her a drink
(b) She wants him to join her at the Columbia
(c) She wants him to go drinking with her
(d) She wants him to leave Camilla

14. Arturo tries to make a life for himself and Camilla by:
(a) Taking her in and feeding her
(b) Being tolerant of her habits
(c) Asking her to marry him again
(d) Finding a house on Laguna Beach

15. Because Arturo is now rejecting her, Camilla thinks he:
(a) Has another girlfriend
(b) Has lost his mind
(c) Is a homosexual
(d) Is in love with Sammy

Short Answer Questions

1. Camilla is institutionalized in:

2. What does Arturo take from Camilla's car?

3. When Sammy goes to see Camilla, he realizes:

4. At the beach, Arturo hates the seagulls, and Camilla hates the:

5. What is it about Vera that lingers in the room?

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