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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To ease his hurt feelings, Arturo pays to:
(a) Eat meat with Hellfrick
(b) Dance with a blonde
(c) See a cheap movie
(d) Be driven around town

2. Why does Arturo leave Camilla to return to Los Angeles?
(a) To see if she can make it alone
(b) To pick up his mail
(c) To buy new furnishings
(d) To check out of his hotel room

3. The escapee, Camilla, asks for money from Arturo through:
(a) Telegrams using an alias
(b) Letters from various post offices
(c) Notes slipped under his door
(d) Midnight phone calls

4. How does the author tell us that Vera is an older woman?
(a) She is dressed in old fashioned clothes
(b) She is weak and unstable
(c) Her years of experience betray her age
(d) He mentions the odor of aging

5. What is it about Vera that lingers in the room?
(a) Her negativity
(b) Her sense of hope
(c) Her sadness
(d) Her scent

6. What does Arturo listen for on the Marines' broadcast?
(a) He listens for Camilla's name as one of the deceased
(b) He listens for news of traffic to LA
(c) He tries to learn if the earthquake has destroyed LA
(d) He tries to determine whether the quake has ended

7. Arturo's initial response to Camilla's request is to:
(a) Write a nice goodbye letter to Sammy
(b) Write a scathing, hurtful letter to Sammy
(c) Ignore her and go back to his novel
(d) Throw her out of his apartment

8. Hellfrick helps Arturo:
(a) Learn how to steal money for food
(b) Identify his moral boundaries
(c) Figure out his next novel
(d) Decide not to drink alcohol

9. Arturo tries to make a life for himself and Camilla by:
(a) Asking her to marry him again
(b) Taking her in and feeding her
(c) Finding a house on Laguna Beach
(d) Being tolerant of her habits

10. When Arturo cries about Vera's misfortune, he:
(a) Decides to introduce her to Camilla
(b) Considers getting her to counseling
(c) Wonders what he can do to ease her pain
(d) Quickly reverts back to thinking of his own problems

11. When Arturo feels like "Bandini" with Camilla, he:
(a) Becomes aloof and cold
(b) Becomes aggressive and rough
(c) Becomes talkative and intellectual
(d) Becomes tender and attentive

12. What seems to dampen Arturo's newly refreshed religious faith?
(a) His need for money is greater than his need for God
(b) He is determined to become famous
(c) His fear over the earthquake subsides
(d) Camilla knocks on his window

13. When Sammy goes to see Camilla, he realizes:
(a) She has fallen into alcoholism
(b) She is hopelessly ill
(c) She is a drug addict
(d) She has been physically abused

14. Arturo's novel will be published, but Camilla is now:
(a) In a deep state of depression
(b) Employed by a hotel
(c) Ill with tuberculosis
(d) Going her own way

15. What refreshment does Vera bring to Arturo?
(a) Water
(b) Soda
(c) Gin
(d) Warm milk

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Arturo escape from Vera at the bar?

2. Why does Arturo tell wild stories of his great heroism after the earthquake?

3. What is the guilt and shame that Arturo feels about having been with Vera?

4. After some champagne, Arturo's attitude toward the prostitutes is that:

5. Arturo's next story will be based on:

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