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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Because Arturo is now rejecting her, Camilla thinks he:
(a) Is a homosexual
(b) Has lost his mind
(c) Is in love with Sammy
(d) Has another girlfriend

2. When Arturo and Camilla go to the shooting gallery, she:
(a) Is disgusted that Arturo cannot shoot well
(b) Is attracted to others at the gallery
(c) Wishes Arturo would be more generous
(d) Is unhappy with her own performance

3. Arturo expresses his love for Camilla by:
(a) Including her in his latest novel
(b) Writing a poem about her
(c) Sending her a telegram
(d) Writing her a letter

4. Camilla responds to Arturo's request to marry her:
(a) By trying to drown herself
(b) By laughing and tearing up the telegram
(c) By hugging the bartenders who congratulate her
(d) By weeping silently and leaving the restaurant

5. Whose poetry does Vera quote to Arturo?
(a) Keats
(b) Millay
(c) Emerson
(d) Frost

6. While Camilla is staying with Arturo, his writing is:
(a) Going downhill
(b) Being neglected
(c) Going well
(d) Becoming disorganized

7. Hellfrick wants to borrow money from Arturo, this time for:
(a) Milk
(b) Cigarettes
(c) Gin
(d) Meat

8. When Arturo does something nice, he is often:
(a) Temporarily humbled
(b) Angry at himself
(c) Self-congratulatory
(d) Headed for another religious breakthrough

9. Arturo feels his novel will serve to:
(a) Mend things with his mother
(b) Make him rich and famous
(c) Give his writing to the world
(d) Satisfy his wanderlust

10. Arturo tries to make a life for himself and Camilla by:
(a) Asking her to marry him again
(b) Being tolerant of her habits
(c) Taking her in and feeding her
(d) Finding a house on Laguna Beach

11. Hellfrick helps Arturo:
(a) Figure out his next novel
(b) Learn how to steal money for food
(c) Identify his moral boundaries
(d) Decide not to drink alcohol

12. Finally admitting she is in love with Sammy, Camilla asks Arturo to:
(a) Write a story about Sammy and his cowboy life
(b) Write a story about their relationship
(c) Review and critique Sammy's manuscripts
(d) Respect Sammy's wishes to be an author

13. When Arturo returns to Camilla's with a nightgown and reading material:
(a) Invites him in seductively
(b) Shrieks and alarms her neighbors
(c) Unlocks the door and goes back to bed
(d) Accepts the gifts and locks him out

14. When Sammy goes to see Camilla, he realizes:
(a) She is hopelessly ill
(b) She has fallen into alcoholism
(c) She has been physically abused
(d) She is a drug addict

15. When Vera appears in Arturo's room for the first time, he momentarily wants to:
(a) Kick her out
(b) Laugh
(c) Beat her
(d) Hug her

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Arturo leave Camilla to return to Los Angeles?

2. To ease his hurt feelings, Arturo pays to:

3. After writing his attack on the Catholic church, Arturo:

4. One indication that everything has changed for Arturo is:

5. Arturo discovers that Camilla has a:

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