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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Arturo take from Camilla's car?
(a) Her driver's license
(b) Her wet clothes
(c) Her hat
(d) Her waitress's apron

2. Because Arturo is now rejecting her, Camilla thinks he:
(a) Has another girlfriend
(b) Has lost his mind
(c) Is in love with Sammy
(d) Is a homosexual

3. Seeing Camilla's apartment after the earthquake, Arturo:
(a) Goes in and tries to find Vera
(b) Assumes she has died
(c) Wails with regret
(d) Calls the firemen to the building

4. Arturo tries to make a life for himself and Camilla by:
(a) Taking her in and feeding her
(b) Finding a house on Laguna Beach
(c) Asking her to marry him again
(d) Being tolerant of her habits

5. When Arturo and Camilla go to the shooting gallery, she:
(a) Wishes Arturo would be more generous
(b) Is unhappy with her own performance
(c) Is attracted to others at the gallery
(d) Is disgusted that Arturo cannot shoot well

6. What has changed for Arturo emotionally in this chapter?
(a) His desire and passion for Camilla has overtaken him
(b) He is no longer afraid to take chances
(c) Rejection no longer disturbs him
(d) He finds what he is looking for

7. In this chapter, Arturo may have realized that:
(a) It is much better living farther away from Hellfrick
(b) Having a car may be more trouble than it's worth
(c) Camilla is his one, lifelong true love
(d) Success in his career is not what makes him ultimately happy

8. Finally admitting she is in love with Sammy, Camilla asks Arturo to:
(a) Respect Sammy's wishes to be an author
(b) Review and critique Sammy's manuscripts
(c) Write a story about their relationship
(d) Write a story about Sammy and his cowboy life

9. What does Vera initially want from Arturo?
(a) She wants him to join her at the Columbia
(b) She wants him to go drinking with her
(c) She wants him to buy her a drink
(d) She wants him to leave Camilla

10. Why does Arturo leave Camilla to return to Los Angeles?
(a) To check out of his hotel room
(b) To buy new furnishings
(c) To see if she can make it alone
(d) To pick up his mail

11. Hellfrick wants to borrow money from Arturo, this time for:
(a) Cigarettes
(b) Meat
(c) Gin
(d) Milk

12. When Arturo cries about Vera's misfortune, he:
(a) Quickly reverts back to thinking of his own problems
(b) Decides to introduce her to Camilla
(c) Considers getting her to counseling
(d) Wonders what he can do to ease her pain

13. At the beach, Arturo hates the seagulls, and Camilla hates the:
(a) Sand
(b) Kids
(c) Crabs
(d) Wind

14. Arturo decides to be nicer to Sammy because he realizes:
(a) He and Sammy have been friends a long time
(b) Sammy has been nice to him
(c) He will miss Sammy when he's gone
(d) Living is hard enough

15. Camilla's apartment is:
(a) Sparkling and organized
(b) Beautifully decorated
(c) Dirty and untidy
(d) Dark and mysterious

Short Answer Questions

1. Arturo finds Camilla in his closet:

2. Camilla responds to Arturo's request to marry her:

3. What is the event that ends Arturo's friendship with Hellfrick?

4. When Sammy goes to see Camilla, he realizes:

5. Arturo's next story will be based on:

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