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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After writing his attack on the Catholic church, Arturo:
(a) Sends it to the Pope
(b) Disposes of it
(c) Mails it to his childhood priest
(d) Mails it to his mother

2. What is the event that ends Arturo's friendship with Hellfrick?
(a) He is appalled by Hellfrick's killing a calf
(b) Hellfrick does not share his meal with Arturo
(c) Hellfrick's drinking has finally become too much
(d) He can no longer stand Hellfrick borrowing money

3. While Camilla is staying with Arturo, his writing is:
(a) Becoming disorganized
(b) Going well
(c) Being neglected
(d) Going downhill

4. What is it about Vera that lingers in the room?
(a) Her sadness
(b) Her scent
(c) Her sense of hope
(d) Her negativity

5. Finally admitting she is in love with Sammy, Camilla asks Arturo to:
(a) Respect Sammy's wishes to be an author
(b) Write a story about Sammy and his cowboy life
(c) Write a story about their relationship
(d) Review and critique Sammy's manuscripts

6. The priest Arturo sees has an objection to the passage in Arturo's story dealing with:
(a) The Rosary
(b) The Holy Sacrament
(c) The Catechism
(d) The Liturgy

7. What does Vera offer to do for Arturo when they become intimate?
(a) She offers to sleep in the living room
(b) She offers to be Camilla
(c) She offers to get them a drink
(d) She offers to drive him home

8. Sammy tells Arturo that:
(a) Camilla is very nice to him
(b) Camilla is not a nice girl
(c) He is being too nice to Camilla
(d) He had better be nice to Camilla

9. Arturo feels his novel will serve to:
(a) Mend things with his mother
(b) Make him rich and famous
(c) Give his writing to the world
(d) Satisfy his wanderlust

10. Arturo discovers that Camilla has a:
(a) A cocaine habit
(b) A propensity for heroine
(c) Marijuana habit
(d) An addiction to alcohol

11. When Arturo cries about Vera's misfortune, he:
(a) Considers getting her to counseling
(b) Decides to introduce her to Camilla
(c) Wonders what he can do to ease her pain
(d) Quickly reverts back to thinking of his own problems

12. In this chapter, Arturo may have realized that:
(a) Camilla is his one, lifelong true love
(b) Success in his career is not what makes him ultimately happy
(c) Having a car may be more trouble than it's worth
(d) It is much better living farther away from Hellfrick

13. Arturo's novel will be published, but Camilla is now:
(a) Ill with tuberculosis
(b) Going her own way
(c) Employed by a hotel
(d) In a deep state of depression

14. When Arturo does something nice, he is often:
(a) Self-congratulatory
(b) Headed for another religious breakthrough
(c) Angry at himself
(d) Temporarily humbled

15. What seems to dampen Arturo's newly refreshed religious faith?
(a) His fear over the earthquake subsides
(b) His need for money is greater than his need for God
(c) He is determined to become famous
(d) Camilla knocks on his window

Short Answer Questions

1. When Arturo returns to Camilla's with a nightgown and reading material:

2. One indication that everything has changed for Arturo is:

3. What has changed for Arturo emotionally in this chapter?

4. When Arturo and Camilla go to the shooting gallery, she:

5. When Sammy goes to see Camilla, he realizes:

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