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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Arturo feels that not having been with a woman has:
(a) Kept him a good Catholic
(b) Made him fearful
(c) Limited his inspiration
(d) Pleased his mother

2. When he returns to the restaurant this time, Arturo and Camilla:
(a) Try to read The Little Dog Laughed together
(b) Try to have coffee together
(c) Try to be nicer, but fail
(d) Ignore one another

3. Hellfrick diverts the milkman's attention by:
(a) Holding him up
(b) Lecturing him on communism
(c) Bringing him in and offering him gin
(d) Discussing his victories as a war hero

4. Arturo tells Camilla she will always be nothing but a:
(a) Sweet little flower girl from Old Mexico
(b) A cheater and liar
(c) An illiterate illegal alien
(d) Barmaid and a waitress from Bunker Hill

5. Waiting for the milkman's arrival, Arturo passes the time by:
(a) Sleeping
(b) Writing essays on prostitutes
(c) Writing a long letter to his mother
(d) Writing a 30-page letter to his editor

6. As a child, Arturo responded to racial slurs by:
(a) Joining a gang
(b) Learning how to give them back
(c) Taking on a tough facade
(d) Withdrawing into books

7. Arturo comments that the restaurant's expensive Scotch is:
(a) Cheap
(b) Nasty
(c) Rotgut
(d) Delicious

8. Arturo's new clothes arrive along with:
(a) A lot of new fragrances
(b) His old clothes
(c) Letters from Hackmuth
(d) New lamps and lotions

9. Judy Palmer is a:
(a) A local prostitute
(b) Fourteen year old girl
(c) The daughter of Mrs. Hargraves
(d) A homeless child

10. The hotel guest who was interested in Filipinos:
(a) Finally found one
(b) Enjoyed Artro's story
(c) Was a fan of Mexicans
(d) Discriminated against Italians

11. Arturo makes his statement about the coffee this time by:
(a) Leaving it to get cold
(b) Dumping it on the table
(c) Drinking every drop of it
(d) Pouring it into a spittoon

12. Camilla's new shoes are:
(a) White flats
(b) White huaraches
(c) White, high-heeled pumps
(d) White sandals

13. His departure from the prostitute's room leaves Arturo feeling:
(a) Lonely
(b) Pensive
(c) Mature
(d) Exhilarated

14. Arturo's memories of hotel guests are connected with:
(a) His concern over where they have ended up
(b) His love for people
(c) Whether or not they have read The Little Dog Laughed
(d) His close friendships with them

15. Arturo inscribes his story to Mrs. Hargraves:
(a) In poetry
(b) As a professional author
(c) In flowery language
(d) With love to her

Short Answer Questions

1. The ride Arturo and Sammy take in Camilla's car is:

2. Judy Palmer's mother finds her daughter reading to Arturo, who is:

3. The Alta Loma Hotel is in L.A's:

4. Arturo is considering leaving LA because he cannot pay his rent, but his current, most pressing problem is:

5. At the beach, Camilla disappears:

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