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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hellfrick claims to be:
(a) A Catholic
(b) A good friend
(c) An honest man
(d) A vegetarian

2. Rather than just paying Arturo what he owes him, Hellfrick instead:
(a) Provides him with alcohol
(b) Arranges for Arturo to steal milk
(c) Steals milk for Arturo from his friend
(d) Asks him for more money

3. As a child, Arturo responded to racial slurs by:
(a) Learning how to give them back
(b) Taking on a tough facade
(c) Withdrawing into books
(d) Joining a gang

4. Americans with names like Parker and Smith:
(a) Have hurt Arturo in the past
(b) Represent opportunity
(c) Are godless opportunists
(d) Have supported Arturo's career

5. For his story, Arturo receives the whopping sum of:
(a) $100
(b) $350
(c) $500
(d) $175

6. Arturo rolls up tobacco for a cigarette, using:
(a) Newspaper
(b) Toilet paper
(c) Writing paper
(d) Old essays

7. Mr. Heilman was:
(a) Very rich and comfortable
(b) Unhappy about being in California
(c) Thrilled to be in the California culture
(d) A sun lover

8. Arturo's hotel room is unique because:
(a) It is in a secure building
(b) It is small and cramped
(c) It has no windows
(d) It opens onto ground level

9. Both Camilla and Arturo put on a facade of:
(a) Being jealous
(b) Being lonely
(c) Being coy
(d) Being confident

10. Arturo thinks that he cannot be part of California's:
(a) Carelessness
(b) Culture
(c) Industries
(d) Snobbery

11. What does Arturo do to Camilla when he learns he has been tricked?
(a) Twists her arm and throws her down
(b) Throws sand at her
(c) Throws her in the water and rubs her face in sand
(d) Leaves her on the beach naked

12. Instead of leaving the hotel for good, Arturo decides to:
(a) Write a letter to his editor
(b) Take a walk and get some coffee
(c) Work on his writing
(d) Take an afternoon nap

13. Arturo comments that the restaurant's expensive Scotch is:
(a) Rotgut
(b) Nasty
(c) Cheap
(d) Delicious

14. Arturo expects the milk truck to arrive at:
(a) Seven o'clock in the morning
(b) Four o'clock in the morning
(c) Four o'clock in the afternoon
(d) Whenever Hellfrick notifies him

15. The name of the restaurant where Camilla works is:
(a) The Columbia Buffet
(b) Bunker Hill Cafe
(c) Alta Loma Buffet
(d) Columbia House Restaurant

Short Answer Questions

1. Arturo's new clothing makes him feel:

2. Arturo waits to see Camilla:

3. Arturo reveals his own "dirty" side by:

4. Arturo's first inscription to Camilla calls her:

5. Arturo thinks Hackmuth is brilliant because:

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