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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The hot sand in Los Angeles is coming from:
(a) The Sahara Desert
(b) The dirt and smog from the street
(c) The Pacific Ocean beaches
(d) The Mojave Desert

2. The Alta Loma Hotel is in L.A's:
(a) Long Beach area
(b) Bunker Hill District
(c) Black Belt district
(d) Laguna Beach district

3. Arturo tries to justify the crime he is about to commit by:
(a) Deciding to write about the event
(b) Realizing his hunger comes before morality
(c) Deciding he will see a priest
(d) Blaming Mr. Hellfrick

4. A very important figure in Arturo's life is:
(a) His father
(b) His cousin
(c) His mother
(d) His brother

5. Arturo's newly published story will be entitled:
(a) Long Live Bunker Hill
(b) The Last Italian in Los Angeles
(c) The Lost, Lonely Desert
(d) The Long Lost Hills

6. Arturo feels that not having been with a woman has:
(a) Limited his inspiration
(b) Made him fearful
(c) Pleased his mother
(d) Kept him a good Catholic

7. Arturo thinks people who don't live in California see it as a land of:
(a) Streets paved with gold
(b) Milk and honey
(c) Opportunity
(d) Movie stars and prosperity

8. Mr. Heilman was:
(a) Unhappy about being in California
(b) Very rich and comfortable
(c) Thrilled to be in the California culture
(d) A sun lover

9. Arturo considers these people to be worshiping in the church of:
(a) Pagans and demons
(b) The great I am
(c) Some other god
(d) The deluded

10. Mrs. Hargraves assumes that The Little Dog Laughed is:
(a) A children's story
(b) A dog story
(c) A mystery
(d) A biography

11. Arturo's new clothing makes him feel:
(a) Hogtied and like a buffoon
(b) Itchy all over
(c) Wealthy and famous
(d) Remorseful over his purchases

12. Arturo thinks that he cannot be part of California's:
(a) Culture
(b) Carelessness
(c) Industries
(d) Snobbery

13. Why does Arturo consider the prostitute to be cleaner than he is?
(a) She lives in a nicer building than him
(b) She bathes more frequently
(c) She only sells her body, while he sells his mind
(d) Her apartment is neat and orderly

14. Arturo looks at himself in the mirror and tells himself:
(a) He is an intelligent, good son
(b) He is no more than a simple thief
(c) He is a good Catholic
(d) He is courageous to choose writing as a career

15. Arturo gives the bartender, to give to Camilla:
(a) A signed copy of the menu
(b) A signed copy of his book
(c) A note telling her off
(d) A tip for the coffee

Short Answer Questions

1. Arturo inscribes his story to Mrs. Hargraves:

2. Arturo thinks he might have gone to see a friend that night, who:

3. At the beach, Camilla disappears:

4. Arturo's new clothes arrive along with:

5. J. C. Hackmuth surprises Arturo by:

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