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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Arturo's note he wants Camilla to understand that:
(a) He is not a drinker
(b) Most customers are hungrier than him
(c) Her other customers are bums
(d) Not every customer is a bum

2. Camilla runs after Arturo because:
(a) She wants him to come back
(b) He forgot his book
(c) She wants to apologize for her behavior
(d) She wants him to pay for his coffee

3. Arturo's hotel room is unique because:
(a) It opens onto ground level
(b) It has no windows
(c) It is small and cramped
(d) It is in a secure building

4. One of the ways Arturo helps himself bolster his self-esteem is by:
(a) Looking at himself in the mirror for long periods
(b) Writing long letters to his mother
(c) Feeling superior to Mr. Hargraves
(d) Re-reading The Little Dog Laughed

5. What does Arturo decide to do with the prostitute?
(a) Spend a night with her
(b) Write a story about her
(c) Conquer his fears
(d) Expose her to Catholicism

Short Answer Questions

1. Rather than just paying Arturo what he owes him, Hellfrick instead:

2. As they come out of their churches, Arturo sees the Parkers' and Smiths' faces as:

3. Arturo is afraid of:

4. Arturo feels he was hated for having:

5. Arturo expects the milk truck to arrive at:

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