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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mr. Heilman was:
(a) Thrilled to be in the California culture
(b) A sun lover
(c) Very rich and comfortable
(d) Unhappy about being in California

2. Arturo is afraid of:
(a) Closed places
(b) Blood
(c) All of these
(d) Heights

3. Arturo waits to see Camilla:
(a) From a dark doorway
(b) From the back seat of her car
(c) From the street
(d) From his apartment window

4. Arturo remembers people like these who called him:
(a) Wop, dago and greaser
(b) A bad boy
(c) Half-breed
(d) Italian idiot

5. Other than a few things that frighten him, Arturo sees himself as:
(a) A successful author
(b) A warrior
(c) A romantic
(d) Fearless

Short Answer Questions

1. Camilla runs after Arturo because:

2. The beer Camilla serves Arturo:

3. Arturo gives the bartender, to give to Camilla:

4. Many people have come to California because of:

5. Instead of leaving the hotel for good, Arturo decides to:

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