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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Arturo feels he was hated for having:
(a) A superior talent for writing
(b) So many girlfriends in school
(c) A name ending in a soft vowel
(d) An enviable career

2. In Arturo's note he wants Camilla to understand that:
(a) He is not a drinker
(b) Most customers are hungrier than him
(c) Her other customers are bums
(d) Not every customer is a bum

3. Waiting for the milkman's arrival, Arturo passes the time by:
(a) Writing essays on prostitutes
(b) Sleeping
(c) Writing a long letter to his mother
(d) Writing a 30-page letter to his editor

4. One of the ways Arturo helps himself bolster his self-esteem is by:
(a) Feeling superior to Mr. Hargraves
(b) Looking at himself in the mirror for long periods
(c) Writing long letters to his mother
(d) Re-reading The Little Dog Laughed

5. Why does Arturo consider the prostitute to be cleaner than he is?
(a) She only sells her body, while he sells his mind
(b) She lives in a nicer building than him
(c) She bathes more frequently
(d) Her apartment is neat and orderly

Short Answer Questions

1. The waitress in the Columbia Buffet initially ignores Arturo because:

2. What does Arturo decide to do with the prostitute?

3. Arturo visits a prostitute in Chapter 2. He considers her:

4. Americans with names like Parker and Smith:

5. Arturo thinks he might have gone to see a friend that night, who:

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