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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whe he arrives at the restaurant, Arturo's mood is one of:
(a) Rage
(b) Somberness and anxiety
(c) Joy and bliss
(d) Sadness and anger

2. Mrs. Hargraves will not allow guests who are:
(a) Chinese or Spanish
(b) From Nebraska
(c) Mexican or Jewish
(d) Canadian or from the midwest

3. Mrs. Hargraves assumes that The Little Dog Laughed is:
(a) A biography
(b) A mystery
(c) A dog story
(d) A children's story

4. Whose poetry does Vera quote to Arturo?
(a) Millay
(b) Emerson
(c) Keats
(d) Frost

5. The ride Arturo and Sammy take in Camilla's car is:
(a) Wreckless and dangerous
(b) Sentimental
(c) Loud and bumpy
(d) Pleasant and smooth

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beach, Camilla disappears:

2. What is it about Arturo's apartment that is perfect, as described to Camilla?

3. Hellfrick claims to be:

4. Arturo's writer's block is so strong that he:

5. Camilla's real last name is:

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