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Alta Loma Hotel

This establishment in the old Bunker Hill district of Los Angeles is where Arturo Bandini lives.

Laguna Beach

This small town is a resort area on the Pacific Ocean south of Los Angeles where Arturo takes Camilla to start a new life.

Long Beach

A coastal town near Los Angeles where Arturo is on the beach when an earthquake strikes.

Columbia Buffet

A restaurant and bar where Camilla works as a waitress and Sammy works as a bartender.

The Little Dog Laughed

The name of the essay written by Arturo Bandini that was published in a national magazine.

Long Lost Hills

The title given to a letter that Arturo wrote to his agent, Hackmuth, describing Los Angeles.


Mexican leather woven sandals worn by Camilla Lopez.


An old term used for a person who smokes marijuana.

Mojave Desert

The hot, dry, windy area outside...

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