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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Fante's "Ask the Dust" takes us back seventy years to a time in American history when life was markedly different. The objective of this lesson is to identify and measure the changes that have taken place in American culture since 1939.


1) Have your students pretend they have just awakened from a long sleep, and the last thing they remember was being a young adult in 1939. Ask them to consider and list all of the things they think are different now, including the ways that we look at our world and one another. Ask for specifics, and have them call out as you write them on one side of an easel board. Do not duplicate. (For example, there was MUCH LESS CAR TRAFFIC.) In the other column, have them tell you what the difference is for each entry (i.e., we NOW HAVE COMMUTE TRAFFIC/ PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION...

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