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1939 in Los Angeles

Do some research into old newspapers to look for photos of Los Angeles in the 1930s. Copy photos of old cars, buildings or other aspects of LA that Arturo Bandini may have been exposed to at that time, and record details. For instance, what mod of transportation was most popular in 1939? What did newspaper ads during that year reflect for food items, clothing and recreation? Fill in some details of Arturo's experience that he may not have included. Put images on a board for a collage presentation.

Research Arturo's Wold

At the library, research old LA newspapers and documents. Was there really an Alta Loma Hotel, a Bunker Hill district in 1939? What information can you find about these locations? What has taken the place of the hotel and restaurants that Arturo frequented? Write a report and provide photos, if possible, of then and now.

An Update For Bandini

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