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Essay Topic 1

John Fante has entitled his book "Ask the Dust" for a good reason.

1) Explore the ways in which this title makes sense as it relates to the story of Arturo Bandini.

2) What role does dust play in the story in terms of the city of Los Angeles?

3) What other scenes involve dust and why are they significant?

4) Discuss the symbolism of dust in this story, and why it is effective.

Essay Topic 2

1) Discuss the symbolism of milk that Fante uses throughout the story. It represents many things and appears at different events in Arturo's life. Look at each of these events and determine what it is that Fante is trying to show us, using milk as a symbol.

2) What are the different characteristics of the milk in each instance?

3) What does milk represent to Arturo?

Essay Topic 3

Arturo and Camilla create many dramatic moments between them...

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