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Arturo Bandini

A young Italian American from Colorado who moves to Los Angeles to pursue his writing career.

Camilla Lopez

A Mexican waitress at the Columbia Buffet restaurant .

Sammy Wiggens

A reclusive bartender at the Columbia Buffet who wants to write cowboy novels.

Mr. Hellfrick

Arturo's alcoholic neighbor at the Alta Loma Hotel.

J.C. Hackmuth

Arturo's literary agent in New York.

Mrs. Hargraves

The landlady at the Alta Loma Hotel originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Vera Rivken

An alcoholic woman, deformed from burns to her body, who stalks Arturo Bandini and tries to seduce him.

Benny Cohen

A disenfranchised, marijuana-smoking Communist who lives above Grand Central Market in Arturo's neighborhood.

Bert Hargraves

The late husband of Arturo's landlady whose legendary good qualities trigger Arturo Bandini's guilt.


A resident at the same hotel as Arturo, he is a former bank teller who hates California, and dreams of being...

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