Ask Me No Questions Short Essay - Answer Key

Marina Tamar Budhos
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1. What thoughts consume the Nadira and Aisha in Section 1: Chapter 1 as the family drives to seek asylum?

Nadira worries as her family drives toward Canada to apply for asylum. She worries about things like green cards, special registration and deportation, though she does not fully understand them. Aisha, Nadira's older sister, cries as they pass through Boston because she has always wanted to attend Harvard, but Ma assures Aisha she will get into school in Canada.

2. What dangers worry Nadira's parents about their attempts to seek asylum in Section 1: Chapter 1?

Ma worries about what they will do if Canada denies them asylum, causing Abba to remind her that it is possible since no one guarantees asylum. The family knows they will have to return to America is Canada turns them down, and Abba will probably be arrested for having an expired visa.

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