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Marina Tamar Budhos
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12: Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who confides that her mom is threatening to throw her dad out in Section 9: Chapter 11?
(a) Lily Yee.
(b) Taslima.
(c) Aisha.
(d) Sarah.

2. Nadira claims that Abba's older brother was killed when he joined what group in Section 6: Chapter 7?
(a) The Timor-Leste.
(b) The Mukti Bahini.
(c) The Brahmaputra.
(d) The Maharaja.

3. Where does Ma stay while in Burlington when Abba is detained?
(a) A Salvation Army shelter.
(b) A Super 8 motel.
(c) An adjoining prison.
(d) A Hilton hotel.

4. In what year did the September 11 attacks take place on the World Trade Center?
(a) 2003.
(b) 2000.
(c) 2001.
(d) 2002.

5. In what grade was Aisha when she decided which clique of girls she wanted to befriend and begged Ma to buy her the same clothes, according to the narrator?
(a) Seventh.
(b) Third.
(c) Sixth.
(d) Fifth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What refers to a concerted national effort to prevent terrorist attacks within the U.S., reduce America's vulnerability to terrorism, and minimize the damage and recover from attacks that do occur?

2. Nadira and Aisha learn that Abba saved how much money for their college tuition secretly in Section 7: Chapter 9?

3. After Tim explains the Special Registration law, Abba wants to register, but who insists it is better to wait or return to Bangladesh?

4. How old is Nadira in the beginning of the novel?

5. What does the school counselor tell Nadira about Aisha's interview at Barnard College in Section 10: Chapter 12?

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