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Marina Tamar Budhos
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12: Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Section 8: Chapter 10, Nadira wakes as Immigration arrives to demand documentation from whom?
(a) Taslima.
(b) Aisha.
(c) Auntie.
(d) Uncle.

2. Nadira spies on the woman her friend's father is suspected of having an affair with and gains access to her apartment building by claiming to be selling what?
(a) Newspapers.
(b) Girl Scout cookies.
(c) Charity tickets.
(d) Magazines.

3. When Bengal was divided in the Partition, the side which belonged to India held mostly what?
(a) Hindus.
(b) Jews.
(c) Christians.
(d) Muslims.

4. Where has the school counselor arranged for a college interview for Aisha in Section 4: Chapter 5?
(a) Harvard University.
(b) Barnard College.
(c) Boston University.
(d) Princeton University.

5. What is Nadira's last name in the novel?
(a) Huston.
(b) Hussein.
(c) Hossain.
(d) Hossein.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Nadira and Aisha get to write a letter about Abba in Section 7: Chapter 9?

2. What does the school counselor tell Nadira about Aisha's interview at Barnard College in Section 10: Chapter 12?

3. Ma tells Nadira they finally have enough for Abba's bond and he will be released when in Section 4: Chapter 5?

4. Where does Nadira take a bus in the beginning of Section 12: Chapter 15?

5. What means the expulsion of a person or group of people from a place or country?

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