Objects & Places from Ask Me No Questions

Marina Tamar Budhos
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At the beginning of "Ask Me No Questions", the Hossains are driving through this city and this makes Aisha cry since she has always wanted to attend Harvard.


This is the name of the small village in Bangladesh where the Hossains are from.

Queens, NY

The Hossains live in this borough outside Manhattan after immigrating to America.


This novel begins with the Hossains driving to this location shortly after 9/11 to apply for asylum.

Flushing High

Aisha and Nadira attend school at this institution.


Aisha has a college interview at this institution, but she skips the interview for fear they will tell her she does not belong and arrest her.


Abba is incarcerated in this location, and Ma stays here during his detainment.

Uncle and Auntie's Apartment

Aisha and Nadira live at this residence while Abba is detained.

Ali-uncle's Shop

Nadira sometimes helps out...

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