Ask Me No Questions Character Descriptions

Marina Tamar Budhos
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Nadira Hossain

This is the protagonist of the novel as well as the narrator.

Aisha Hossain

This older sister of the protagonist is a seventeen-year-old Bangladeshi girl who illegally resides in America.

Abba Hossain

After trying to seek asylum for his family in Canada, this character is held in INS detention upon his return to America due to his expired visa.

Ma Hossain

This mother of the protagonist is quiet and afraid to go out much while they live in Queens.


This character is the older cousin of the protagonist who often angers her father because she is opinionated and acts like an American.


This very old-fashioned character decides to return to Dhaka, preferring to live poor in a country where he is accepted.


The protagonist and her sister stay with this relative while their father is detained.


This character is a young Bangladeshi...

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