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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19-27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Aberdeen's real job in Williamsburg?
(a) Working at a butcher's shop.
(b) Spying for the British.
(c) Working as a soldier.
(d) Spying for the Patriots.

2. How did Isabel convince Ruth to leave the laundry?
(a) Isabel told Ruth that Thomas Boon had run away and they needed to find him.
(b) Isabel told Ruth that they were going to meet Walter and Serafina.
(c) Isabel told Ruth that they were going to get mutton pie and cider.
(d) Isabel told Ruth that bad men like Prentiss were coming.

3. How did Curzon know Ebeneezer Woodruff?
(a) They had worked on a plantation together.
(b) They worked together as blacksmiths.
(c) Ebeneezer was Curzon's former master.
(d) They had fought together years before.

4. What did Isabel find suspicious when they first arrived in Riverbend?
(a) There were soldiers at the plantation.
(b) There were no animals around.
(c) There were no people around.
(d) The slaves there seemed unusually happy.

5. How were the soldiers by the milestone distracted from Isabel's movement in the woods?
(a) Patriots started shooting at them.
(b) They saw the snake.
(c) A squirrel caught their attention.
(d) Curzon came down the road to talk to them.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long had Isabel and Curzon been traveling together as the book opens?

2. What did Aberdeen suggest that Isabel should do while Ruth was ill and sleeping?

3. How old was Aberdeen when he first came to Riverbend?

4. When Isabel and Ruth parted ways from Curzon and Aberdeen in Williamsburg, what did they look for?

5. How did Isabel know that Ruth was afraid of Prentiss?

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