Ashes Character Descriptions

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Isabel Gardener

This character, a runaway slave, is the narrator of the story. Initially, reuniting with a sibling and finding safety away from the war is this character's main motivation.

Curzon Smith

This character, another runaway slave, is the narrator's friend and helped search for the narrator's sibling. This character, who is fiercely loyal to the Patriot cause, has a complex relationship with the narrator; the two have a strong bond but often disagree about the war.

Ruth Gardener

This 12-year-old character is reunited with a sibling early in the book after many years apart. This character occasionally has seizures and is mentally slow; however, this character also surprises others with unexpected skills.


This young character meets the other main characters at Riverbend and travels with them to help a friend. This character works as a spy for the British.

Serafina and Walter

These kind elderly characters live...

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