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Douglas Carter Beane
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where at JFK does Alexa say she will meet Wyler?
(a) The Admiral's Club lounge.
(b) The International lounge.
(c) The Captain's deck.
(d) The American terminal.

2. What club does Ronald reference when Alexa enters the dressing room?
(a) The He-man woman lovers club.
(b) The He-man woman haters club.
(c) The girl scouts.
(d) The boy scouts.

3. How long did it take Wyler to write his first book?
(a) Nine years.
(b) Nine days.
(c) Nine weeks.
(d) Nine months.

4. Who does Wyler need Alexa to tell him about to finish the treatment?
(a) Her parents.
(b) Michael.
(c) Her employer.
(d) Ronald.

5. How long does Alexa want Wyler's written description to be?
(a) 15 pages.
(b) 10 pages.
(c) 20 pages.
(d) 30 pages.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Act 1 subtitled?

2. Where are Alexa and Wyler going after they pick up Swen?

3. Who is the photographer's assistant?

4. What shoe size does Wyler wear?

5. What brand of traveling suit does Alexa choose at the department store?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Alexa find her victims, according to Kaden?

2. What does Wyler do as Kaden lists names of people he knows Alexa has scammed?

3. How does Alexa explain how putting on an art show is a good idea?

4. Why does Alexa contact Kaden in Act 2, Scene 9?

5. Why does Wyler stop by Mike's loft in Act 2, Scene 8?

6. Why does Alexa think Wyler is pursuing her after she conned him?

7. What does Ronald tell Wyler about the other people Alexa has tried on suits with?

8. Describe the opening setting of Act 2, Scene 5.

9. Who is Amber?

10. What does Alexa offer Wyler since he is not writing?

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