As Bees in Honey Drown Short Essay - Answer Key

Douglas Carter Beane
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1. What does the photographer think of Wyler as he is taking his picture?

The photographer thinks Wyler is uncomfortable getting his picture taken. He dismisses Wyler's suggestion about the picture's context, telling Wyler he is there to sell books, while the photographer is there to sell magazines.

2. Who is Amber?

Amber is the photographer's assistant. She speaks about herself in the third person and repeatedly says that she would rather be dancing.

3. What is Wyler's first novel about?

Wyler's first novel is about a young man in his twenties. The young man is overwhelmed with the conflict between fantasy and reality.

4. Why did Wyler change his name?

Wyler changes his name because he thought his real last name, Wollenstein, was too long for a book cover. He changed his first name because he thought the "w" and the "y" in Wyler would look good with a "v", so he changed his first name from Eric to Evan.

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