As Bees in Honey Drown Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Douglas Carter Beane
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Act 1, Scene 1

• Wyler is in a photographer's studio getting his picture taken. He is uncomfortable, and Wyler says it is his job as a writer to be uncomfortable.

• The photographer's assistant, Amber, repeatedly says she wants to be dancing and talks about herself in the third person.

• Wyler tells the photographer he has just finished his first book about a young man in his twenties that is conflicted between fantasy and reality.

• The photographer asks Wyler if he is related to other people with the same name, and Wyler says no. Wyler changed his name from Eric Wollenstein because he did not think his real name would look good on a book cover.

• The photographer asks Wyler to take his shirt off. Wyler hesitates because that is not the look he wanted. The photographer insists, saying he knows better because he is the one here looking to sell...

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