As I Lay Dying Short Answer Test Questions

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1. With whom does Darl return from the fields in Chapter 1: "Darl"?

2. Whose wagon stands beside the spring in Chapter 1: "Darl"?

3. Who is heard sawing in the distance in Chapter 1: "Darl"?

4. Whose coffin is being constructed in Chapter 1: "Darl"?

5. What does Cora say she baked yesterday in Chapter 2: "Cora"?

6. What does Cora say "will break up a hen-house quicker than anything," in Chapter 2: "Cora" (5)?

7. Who does Cora say "admits that a good breed of cows or hogs pays in the long run" in Chapter 2: "Cora"?

8. Who advised Cora to get a good breed of chickens in Chapter 2: "Cora"?

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