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Milton Steinberg
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two, Chapters XVIII - XIX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two friends of Elisha are going insane because of the knowledge they have gained from Greek literature?
(a) Simeon ben Zoma and Akiba.
(b) Akiba and Simeon ben Azzai.
(c) None of Elisha's friends are going insane.
(d) The two Simeons.

2. What happens when Elisha goes to Manto's home when she is alone?
(a) Manto tells Elisha that Rufus is planning on killing him.
(b) They consummate their love for one another.
(c) They discuss the arena where men and lions kill each other.
(d) Elisha tells Manto he must leave Antioch.

3. What impresses Elisha about the Roman court system?
(a) The expansive Greek reference library adjacent to the courtroom.
(b) The lavish adornments, and the beautiful architecture.
(c) The efficiency and professionalism.
(d) The complete lack of prejudice against jewish people.

4. What does Nicholaus tell Elisha when Elisha says he cannot repress his feelings and obsession with finding the truth?
(a) He will stand by him as a friend.
(b) Their friendship is over.
(c) He will report him to the authorities.
(d) They must only meet secretly from now on.

5. How does Elisha try to deceive Rufus?
(a) By escaping and running away.
(b) By lying to Rufus by making up facts about the Jews.
(c) By poisoning Rufus during dinner.
(d) By not telling Rufus some important information about the Jews.

Short Answer Questions

1. After 8 years in Antioch, Elisha writes a monograph detailing what?

2. When Elisha returns to his rooms, who wants to know what he is doing?

3. What is Abuyah's dying wish for Elisha to fulfill?

4. Elisha returns home for major festivals and uses this time to learn what from Amram?

5. Where are Elisha and Deborah to stay when at the feast?

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