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Milton Steinberg
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part One, Chapters XVI - XIX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Elisha begins his life as a Rabbi?
(a) Helping widows and children.
(b) Judging in Usha.
(c) Giving up all his possessions.
(d) By signing documents.

2. What does Elisha think about his new wife after the week-long festival?
(a) He is disappointed.
(b) He is embarrassed by her.
(c) He hates her.
(d) He loves her.

3. Where does the plague strike?
(a) Usher.
(b) Jerusalem.
(c) Palestine.
(d) Antioch.

4. Does Abuyah consort with pagan philosophers and read Greek books?
(a) When he was younger, but he does not do so anymore.
(b) No.
(c) Sometimes, but he hides his beliefs from everyone.
(d) Yes.

5. Why is Tobias, Elisha's steward, furious with Pappas and Elisha for their conversation with the Romans?
(a) Because now the boys want to be Romans.
(b) Because the boys weren't respectful enough to the Romans.
(c) Because the Romans caused the boys to come home late.
(d) Because the Romans murdered many Jews and destroyed the Temple.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Elisha realize about his two years of study and the knowledge he has gleaned?

2. While the seventy sages of the Sanhedrin are in session, who raises the question about whether a man should use Greek books and letters to read and study?

3. Why does the Sanhedrin send a delegation to Rome?

4. Which renewed friend provides Elisha with a cover to get the books he needs?

5. Which two friends of Elisha are going insane because of the knowledge they have gained from Greek literature?

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