As a Driven Leaf Character Descriptions

Milton Steinberg
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Elisha ben Abuyah

This character sacrifices everything to follow his mind and heart in the study of Greek knowledge.


This character is always dressed impeccably and runs a huge mansion like a dictator.


This character is irreverent and fun loving, but ultimately possesses a very strong faith.


This character is very possessive and jealous and one of the richest people in the Roman empire.


This character is a tall, thin man with a large head, who has a high nasal voice.

Rabbi Joshua

This character is one of the ugliest characters in appearance but has the purest faith and most beautiful of spirits.


This character is a wood chopper by trade who decides to become a student late in life.


This character goes through a divorce and has a strong face and large, bright eyes.


This character is a strict, traditional...

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