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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the rector say the retreat signifies?
(a) a withdrawal from the worldly cares
(b) a time off for good behavior
(c) a dedication to better study
(d) a chance to enter the seminary

2. How does the priest react to Stephen's confession?
(a) with kind words and exhortation
(b) in shock and disgust
(c) suspicious that the boy is exaggerating
(d) refusing to give absolution

3. Who from the Bible are contrasted by the preacher?
(a) Pharaoh is contrasted with Christ.
(b) Pontius Pilate is contrasted with christ.
(c) Moses is contrasted with Christ.
(d) Adam and Eve are contrasted with Christ.

4. What does Stephen figure out about his not returning to Clongowes?
(a) From then on he will be home schooled.
(b) They plan to send him to England to study.
(c) It signifies a change in his father's finances.
(d) His father has converted to Protestantism.

5. What makes Stephen angry with himself?
(a) his lack of proper education
(b) his inability to express himself
(c) his youth and foolish impulses
(d) his lack of ambition

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens in Stephen's poem about the girl in the tram?

2. What does Stephen like in Doctor Cornwell's Spelling Book?

3. How does the preacher define sin?

4. Alone in his room, what does Stephen see when he closes his eyes?

5. What does Stephen pretend not to notice when his mother says goodbye to him at school?

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