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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does the preacher say the soul of the sinner is judged, and the time for repentance is passed?
(a) while friends are weeping over the coffin
(b) while committing a deliberate sin
(c) while someone is dying
(d) while the world comes to an end

2. Who is Mike Flynn?
(a) The man Stephen's father works for.
(b) The man Stephen goes to work for.
(c) The man who buys Stephen's father's business.
(d) The man who who supervises Stephen's runs around the track.

3. What does Stephen resolve to do?
(a) go and preach to the prostitutes in the brothel
(b) make up for his sinful past with every hour of his life
(c) become a priest
(d) find Emma and marry her

4. Who does Stephen know for sure is in the audience for a play he is in at school?
(a) Aubrey
(b) Dante
(c) Uncle Charles
(d) his father

5. What happens to Stephen's hands when Father Dolan does not believe his glasses broke by accident?
(a) They are tied behind his back.
(b) They are placed in hot water.
(c) They are given whacks with the pandybat.
(d) They are pressed against the wall.

Short Answer Questions

1. In whose honor is the retreat being held?

2. After dinner, why does Stephen march out of the house?

3. What is detailed by cramped conditions, the darkness, the stench, the fires, the enraged howls and suffering screams of the damned, and the mocking of devils?

4. Who bumps Stephen into a square ditch of slimy, cold water?

5. What will be the subjects of the retreat?

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