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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stephen pretend not to notice when his mother says goodbye to him at school?
(a) that her hat was on backwards
(b) that she was going to cry
(c) that she was in a hurry to leave
(d) that she wore too much perfume

2. What is the name of the school Stephen next enrolls in?
(a) Byron Academy
(b) Dublin Polytechnic
(c) Cleeves
(d) Belvedere

3. Who gets upset when several of the boys cannot answer a question correctly in Latin class?
(a) Father Dolan
(b) Father Arnall
(c) Father O'Casey
(d) Father Parnell

4. Who is Mike Flynn?
(a) The man Stephen goes to work for.
(b) The man who who supervises Stephen's runs around the track.
(c) The man who buys Stephen's father's business.
(d) The man Stephen's father works for.

5. What comment does Father make that he is admonished not to say in front of Stephen?
(a) Stephen's father calls the language of the Holy Ghost "bad language."
(b) Stephen's father calls religious education a "blight on the land."
(c) Stephen's father calls all priests "instruments of the devil."
(d) Stephen's father calls the British "the saviors of Ireland."

Short Answer Questions

1. During table conversation, what is a local Catholic priest accused of?

2. What results from Stephen's fall into the ditch?

3. What emotion does Stephen have over the reversal of his family's fortunes?

4. What is the first occasion for Stephen to return home from school?

5. At school, what is the unusual word Stephen sees carved into a desk?

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