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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After what does Stephen model his poem titles in his notebook?
(a) the Canterbury Tales
(b) the collected poems of Lord Byron
(c) odes by Keats
(d) newspaper headlines

2. Who bumps Stephen into a square ditch of slimy, cold water?
(a) a boy named Fleming
(b) a boy named Wells
(c) the language teacher
(d) the prefect

3. What political figure becomes a topic of conversation and disagreement among the adults?
(a) Cromwell
(b) Churchill
(c) Goldsmith
(d) Parnell

4. Where does Stephen's walking around in smaller and smaller circles eventually lead him?
(a) to his home
(b) to the school
(c) to the brothel quarter
(d) the the church

5. What does Stephen do about new words he hears the adults use?
(a) tries to use them in his own conversation
(b) makes a list but does not spell them correctly
(c) interrupts conversation to ask their meanings
(d) figures out their meanings

Short Answer Questions

1. What results from Stephen's fall into the ditch?

2. What does Stephen pretend not to notice when his mother says goodbye to him at school?

3. What strikes fear into the sinner, but is a blessed moment for the believer?

4. What job is given to Stephen?

5. What public transportation does Stephen take?

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