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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose assistance does the younger daughter seek?
(a) The lion.
(b) King Arthur.
(c) Yvain.
(d) Sir Gawain.

2. What town does Yvain travel to?
(a) The Town of Dire Adventure.
(b) The Town of Adventure.
(c) The Dire Adventure Town.
(d) The Dire Town.

3. How is the problem of inheritance between the two sisters resolved?
(a) King Arthur insists the younger sister give the older one her rightful share.
(b) King Arthur insists the younger sister forget about the land.
(c) King Arthur insists the older sister give the younger one her rightful share.
(d) King Arthur insists they split the lands in half.

4. What does the maiden want who approaches Lancelot, after his fight with the proud knight who challenged him?
(a) The defeated knight's hand in marriage.
(b) His agreement to marry her.
(c) That he lay with her.
(d) The defeated knight's head.

5. What is Queen Guinevere's reception of Lancelot when they are finally allowed to meet?
(a) She refuses to talk, but embraces him.
(b) She is tearful and goes to her room to hide her tears.
(c) She is tearful and embraces him.
(d) She refuses to talk to him and goes to her room.

Short Answer Questions

1. Under what conditions must Yvain fight the demon brothers?

2. Who vows to fight for Lancelot against Meleagant within a year if Lancelot is not found?

3. After Yvain is restored to health, where does he return to?

4. Who is ashamed that he could not defeat Meleagant?

5. What does Lancelot ask the dwarf?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the story behind the storm stone in The Knight with the Lion?

2. What is the dispute between the two daughters of the Lord of Blackthorn?

3. Briefly compare and contrast King Bademagu and his son, Meleagant, from The Knight of the Cart.

4. How does Lancelot attempt to regain his pride from his shameful cart ride in The Knight of the Cart?

5. What is the irony of King Bademagu keeping the Queen safely confined in The Knight of the Cart?

6. How is Lunete's identity foreshadowed when Yvain comes across her as a prisoner?

7. In The Knight of the Cart, why does the girl who offers lodging to Lancelot try to keep him from seeing the comb?

8. What shame follows Lancelot throughout his adventures in The Knight of the Cart?

9. What are a few examples of Lancelot's demonstrating his love for the Queen in The Knight of the Cart?

10. What does Lunete give to Yvain, and why?

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