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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Story of the Grail (Perceval).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who kidnaps Fenice?
(a) Cliges.
(b) Alis.
(c) Duke of Saxony's nephew.
(d) Duke of Saxony.

2. Whose assistance does the older daughter of the Lord of Blackthorn gain?
(a) King Arthur.
(b) The lion.
(c) Yvain.
(d) Sir Gawain.

3. Who helps Yvain regain sanity?
(a) Lunete.
(b) Laudine.
(c) Morgan the wise.
(d) Guinevere.

4. Who does Queen Guinevere send first to discover the identity of the maiden who rides with a knight and a dwarf?
(a) Erec.
(b) Sir Gawain.
(c) King Arthur.
(d) Her maid-in-waiting.

5. What is at the end of a row of stakes?
(a) A head with a helmet.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A horn.
(d) A uncovered head.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Lancelot found by his savior?

2. Perceval's inquiries to the knights show his lack of what?

3. After Lancelot leaves Queen Guinevere's room the next morning, blood from Lancelot's wounded fingers is found on the sheets. Who does Meleagant accuse of having bedded the Queen?

4. Whom does Erec befriend after a fight?

5. What object is described in great detail as having been made by fairies?

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