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Essay Topic 1

Who is Chretien de Troyes and why did he start writing Arthurian romances? Where did he get his ideas and what new ideas or characters is he credited with? Research the author's life and give a historical background, tying it in with his contribution to the legends through his romances. Be sure to include the importance of his creation of Lancelot and the Lancelot-Guinevere relationship. Have others used his works and characters and built on them, writing their own versions?

Essay Topic 2

Although called Arthurian Romances, King Arthur himself plays a very minor role in the stories, as does Queen Guinevere. Discuss their appearances in the five tales and how they differ or are the same. Analyze each character and their relationships with one another.

Essay Topic 3

A large part of Arthurian Romances centers around the idea of knights in shining armor. Explore this idea and...

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