Arthurian Romances Character Descriptions

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This character is a knight who, unarmed, joins the king's hunt for the white stag in order to keep the queen company.


This character is the daughter of the vavasour who loans a knight armor for the competition to win the sparrow-hawk. She is poorly attired, but beautiful.

King Guivret the Short

This character is the lord of a place. He approaches to do battle with the hero and after a long time, is defeated. After his defeat, he pledges friendship and loyalty to the hero.


This character is the son of the Emperor of Greece. He will not consider becoming a knight in his own land because he insists upon finding glory and valor away from home.


This character is the queen's handmaiden who travels with the king and queen to Brittany. She scorns love, but has fallen in love with a young...

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