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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has Mulch lost his magic?
(a) By entering Mud People's properties.
(b) By spending too much time in prison.
(c) By stealing from fairies.
(d) By digging in the mines for too long.

2. What does Artemis have installed behind the cherub?
(a) A cinecamera.
(b) A taser.
(c) A microphone.
(d) A laser gun.

3. What gold does Artemis admit to knowing about to Holly?
(a) The hostage fund.
(b) Fairy dust.
(c) The pot at the end of the rainbow.
(d) Leprechauns' gold.

4. What does Cudgeon do to Root?
(a) He makes Root quit his position.
(b) He tells Root that he is no longer a strong leader.
(c) He goes to the council behind Root's back.
(d) He gets Root fired.

5. What surprising information does Juliet have that keeps Holly submissive?
(a) Fairy girls can't fight females.
(b) Fairies have to do what humans want while in their dwelling.
(c) Holly has no magic powers left.
(d) Fairies don't know how to fight.

Short Answer Questions

1. Artemis tells Holly that he got his gold information from where?

2. Where does Artemis take the locator?

3. Whom does Angeline think Artemis is when he enters her room the second time?

4. What news does Juliet bring to Artemis of his mother as he is about to visit Holly?

5. How many times has Mulch been in prison?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Mulch while he is in prison in his latest incident?

2. How is Butler's strength shown in Chapter 5 at the docks?

3. What has happened to Juliet since Holly retrieved her powers?

4. What happens to Mulch after he checks in on Holly and she informs him that she cannot leave?

5. How has Angeline's mental health diminished since the beginning of the novel to the next time that we meet her with Artemis?

6. What is the first meeting like between Artemis and Holly?

7. What kind of a character is Mulch Diggums?

8. What is Artemis plotting in regards to Root in Chapter 5?

9. How does Root plan on using Mulch?

10. Comments are made throughout Chapter 5 about the atrocities of humans. What comments are made?

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