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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, Troll.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What trouble is Artemis having with the Book?
(a) Opening it.
(b) Using the spells.
(c) Understanding the magic.
(d) Translation.

2. What is included in Butler's list for their journey that confuses him?
(a) A laundry bag.
(b) Gas.
(c) Perfume.
(d) Sunglasses.

3. What action does Root takes once he realizes Holly is in danger?
(a) He stays put as he doesn't want anyone else hurt.
(b) He gets a retrieval team together.
(c) He goes to the surface on his own.
(d) He lets Holly work it out on her own.

4. What does Artemis convince his mother of about Juliet?
(a) That she is a good maid.
(b) That she has been fired.
(c) That she is Angeline's daughter.
(d) That she is the new maid.

5. How does Butler heal from his injuries?
(a) Artemis brings in a team of doctors.
(b) Butler lands on a fairy stone.
(c) Holly gives her magic to him.
(d) Holly's arm rests on him when she falls unconscious.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Mulch able to open the first safe?

2. What is Holly's plan once she is free and has power?

3. What symbol leads Artemis to the reading of the Book?

4. What did Holly have to plant in order to regain her powers?

5. From where did the word "leprechaun" originate according to the text?

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