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Short Answer Questions

1. Where are the Herald's permanent quarters?

2. Why won't Talia go back to the Hold?

3. What musical instrument does Talia hear one day?

4. Who is Elcarth?

5. Whose eyes are gazing at Talia?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the differences in the roles between men and women in Talia's holding and why might she be different than many women?

2. What does Rolan do when he and Talia arrive at the city?

3. Who does Talia meet during the break and what do they do together?

4. How does Talia know where to go when she leaves with the Companion and where is the first place they stop?

5. What continues unabated and what does Talia do?

6. What is Talia's duty for her first day of classes and what does she learn there?

7. What fantasy does Talia have after she escapes from the meeting with her father's wives?

8. What class does Talia go to after weapons training and what is some of the information she gets there?

9. What do some of the female students talk to Talia about in the bath area and what does Talia hope as she falls asleep?

10. Why is Talia called into a meeting with her father's wives?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Whenever reading a fantasy novel, one must become familiar with new terminology that explains a different world. In the case of Arrows of the Queen, much of the setting would be familiar to the reader, though there are new ideas and terms to learn. Discuss the following:

1. Find five terms that are a part of Talia's world that occur in the "real" world but are used differently in Talia's world. Define the words as used in in Talia's world and compare those five words as to how they are currently used in the American English language.

2. There are ways of learning about a new world or time when reading a fantasy novel. Discuss the ways you were able to understand the world of Arrows of the Queen. Did you have to look up any words? What does it mean to learn a word through its context? Do you have to do that inArrows of the Queen? What word(s)?

3. Were there any words you never really understood in Arrows of the Queen? Which ones?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss one of the following:

1. Compare/contrast Talia's living situation in the Holding with hers by the end of the novel. How are they different? How are they the same? How do their differences influence the person Talia is?

2. Compare/contrast Elspeth at the beginning of the novel with who she is by the end of the novel. How is she different? How is she the same? Are the changes she goes through all positive? Which "Elspeth" do you like better?

3. Compare/contrast Tlaia at the beginning of the novel with who she is by the end of the novel. How is she different? How is she the same? Are the changes she goes through all positive? Which "Talia" do you like better?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss one of the following:

1. Sherrill approaches Talia before leaving on Herald business to explain to Talia about sex and birth control. It is obvious that the sexual mores of the Heralds is more liberal than those in which Talia is raised. Do you think Talia will change her sexual mores eventually? Why? Do most people discard beliefs in which they are raised if they begin living in a community with different beliefs? What do you think this says about beliefs?

2. Ylsa and Keren are two women who are lovers. Though few people in the community live a homosexual lifestyle, the women are accepted for who they are and are not condemned. Do you believe they should be accepted for who they are? Discuss their life as Heralds, which is similar to being soldiers, in light of the current debate about gays serving openly in the military.

3. As Talia grows and matures, her beliefs about many things change. Discuss Talia's changing in light of your own life as you left home and meet other people who thought differently from your own community.

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