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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Keren?
(a) The riding instructor.
(b) The navigation instructor.
(c) The hurdles instructor.
(d) The archery instructor.

2. Where does Talia land when she falls?
(a) At the feet of a white horse.
(b) In a stream.
(c) In a crevice.
(d) In a garbage heap.

3. What seems to make Talia's journey easier?
(a) She has learned to sleep while riding.
(b) The food at the waystations is delicious.
(c) Customs and routines.
(d) The saddle is quite comfortable.

4. What is one thing Talia gets during her tour?
(a) Uniforms.
(b) A set of horse grooming tools.
(c) Stacks of books.
(d) A tattoo showing she is a Herald in training.

5. What does Talia hope for when she returns the horse?
(a) She will meet a wonderful man who will marry her.
(b) She will be allowed to be the horse's groom.
(c) She will be offered a position in the holding where the horse belongs.
(d) She will be given some money so she can be independent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Talia wonder when Roland is led away?

2. How are Heralds chosen?

3. Why does Teren ask Talia to stay after class one day?

4. What instructor is friendly and enthusiastic?

5. How does the last Queen's own die?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Talia as she is walking back from archery practice and what does she do about it?

2. What fantasy does Talia have after she escapes from the meeting with her father's wives?

3. Where does Talia go after her second weapons class and how does she do with the class?

4. What is Talia's social life like in her holding?

5. What is Talia amazed to see at the next town she and Rolan come to and what is she told to do?

6. What concerns Alberich about Talia and how does Talia feel about her first lesson with him?

7. What does a young girl do when she enters Talia's room and how does the woman who comes in respond to Talia's behavior?

8. What are the differences in the roles between men and women in Talia's holding and why might she be different than many women?

9. What happens when Talia comes upon a herald and what does she fear? What does he tell her?

10. What is Elcarth's position in the palace, what does he notice about Talia's personality and her knowledge?

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