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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when the students return from Midwinter Festival?
(a) A plague seeps through the town.
(b) The Queen announces she is abdicating in favor of her daughter.
(c) Talia falls off Rolan and breaks an arm.
(d) Some of them start harrassing Talia again.

2. Why does Sherrill get a white uniform?
(a) She asks for that color at her initiation.
(b) She is considered an apprentice Herald.
(c) She is a Herald's squire.
(d) She is accepted as a Herald.

3. What does Talia still need to do as far as her time at the Collegium?
(a) Learn to stand up for herself.
(b) Learn two other languages.
(c) Learn sword fighting better.
(d) Believe she belongs at the Collegium.

4. Who rescues Talia?
(a) Teren.
(b) Rolan.
(c) She saves herself.
(d) The Queen.

5. What does Talia want for Elspeth?
(a) To live at the Collegium.
(b) To attend the Council meetings.
(c) To learn to ride a regular horse.
(d) To move in with Talia.

6. What is not done before Hulda vanishes?
(a) She is not given her possessions back.
(b) She is not paid.
(c) She is not punished.
(d) She is not questioned.

7. Who uses Elspeth as an example of a good student?
(a) Selenay.
(b) Teren.
(c) Alberich.
(d) Orthallen.

8. What message does Ylsa give Talia?
(a) The name of her attackers.
(b) To please send someone to help her companion who is ill.
(c) Something is in the shaft of the arrows.
(d) The name of the village where Ylsa is sick.

9. Who does Talia think is being drugged?
(a) Melidy.
(b) Selenay.
(c) Rolan.
(d) Hulda.

10. Who is sentenced to death?
(a) A man who kills his family.
(b) Two nobles who were plotting against the Queen.
(c) Two highway robbers who kill Ylsa.
(d) No one as the death penalty is not allowed.

11. What does Ylsa realize about Talia?
(a) That Talia has a block she has to over come to use her Gift of though sensing.
(b) That Talia is probably a Projector.
(c) That Talia may not have any Gifts.
(d) That thought sensing may not be Talia's Gift.

12. How can Heralds increase their Gift?
(a) By learning to use a trance approach.
(b) By certain herbs.
(c) Using in tandem with their companion.
(d) By working with another Herald with a complimentary Gift.

13. Why does Talia take a different route from the stables one day?
(a) To get out of the wind.
(b) To check on a robin's nest.
(c) To find out if the boat is back bringing her best friend.
(d) To check on her new saddle at the leather shop.

14. What does Talia say as to why Skif is in the records room?
(a) That she wants to learn about Rolan's ancestors.
(b) That she wants information about her Holding.
(c) That she wants to learn about the Queen's ancestors since Talia is the Queen's own.
(d) Talia wants to know about the history of Miliday's country.

15. What is Hulda instructed to do by a nobleman?
(a) To try to make Elspeth hate her mother.
(b) To continue frightening Elspeth.
(c) To try to put poison in Selenay's drink.
(d) To try to put poison in Talia's food.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the Queen get the arrows?

2. What is revealed about the harassment of Talia?

3. How does Talia break off her connection to Ylsa?

4. Who is instrumental in getting rid of Hulda?

5. What does Talia learn that her gift is?

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