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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Talia's standing among the students and instructors?
(a) She is still being harassed by the Blues.
(b) She is considered odd.
(c) She is immensely popular.
(d) She is standoffish still.

2. What can give Heralds a headache?
(a) Using their gifts incorrectly.
(b) Trying to communicate with a companion that is not their own.
(c) Using their gifts too much.
(d) Communicating mind to mind with other Heralds.

3. How does Talia break off her connection to Ylsa?
(a) She breaks it off when the bell begins tolling.
(b) Rolan pulls her back.
(c) Someone slaps her.
(d) She breaks it off after Ylsa gives her the message.

4. What is unique about Talia and Rolan's connection?
(a) It is based upon the mind rather than eyesight.
(b) It works between Talia and another Herald's companion through Rolan.
(c) It is stronger than any other Herald/Companion pair.
(d) Nothing is unique; all Heralds and Companions have strong bonds.

5. What is the advice given Talia by her confidant?
(a) To not tell anyone and to never be alone.
(b) To go tell the Queen immediately.
(c) To only tell the Headmaster.
(d) To write her father.

6. Who rescues Talia?
(a) She saves herself.
(b) The Queen.
(c) Rolan.
(d) Teren.

7. For whom does Talia mourn?
(a) Jadus.
(b) Elspeth.
(c) Skif.
(d) Elcarth.

8. What is the unknown nobleman's goal for Elspeth?
(a) To make her unfit for being Chosen.
(b) To teach her how to be more independent.
(c) To make her hate her country.
(d) To make her malleable when she becomes Queen.

9. What do Talia and the Queen realize as Talia is helping the Queen?
(a) That Talia should be a bard.
(b) That the Queen needs a good listener more than anything.
(c) That Talia is fulfilling her role as she is meant to do.
(d) That Talia is probably related to the Queen.

10. What does the Dean teach Talia?
(a) Why the Heralds are gifted with magic.
(b) How to read minds.
(c) How to shield her thoughts and protect herself.
(d) How to call Rolan.

11. Why does Talia rush to Keren?
(a) To give Keren a message from Ylsa.
(b) To ask Keren to go help Ylsa at the crofter's home.
(c) To announce what Talia just learned.
(d) To help her with the death of Ylsa.

12. What causes Elspeth's bratty personality to change?
(a) Bonding with the colt she helps deliver.
(b) The return of Hulda.
(c) Becoming close to Rolan.
(d) Receiving praise at the school.

13. What happens if Neave does not control his gift?
(a) He becomes catatonic.
(b) He gets extremely ill.
(c) Others have nightmares.
(d) He projects discord.

14. What does Talia say as to why Skif is in the records room?
(a) Talia wants to know about the history of Miliday's country.
(b) That she wants information about her Holding.
(c) That she wants to learn about Rolan's ancestors.
(d) That she wants to learn about the Queen's ancestors since Talia is the Queen's own.

15. Why do Skif and Talia dress all in black?
(a) To sneak into the castle and hear a meeting between Hulda and someone else.
(b) To get revenge against the Blues students.
(c) To sneak into the records room again.
(d) To get revenge against the Reds students.

Short Answer Questions

1. What can all Heralds do regardless of their individual gifts?

2. What do her ambushers seem determined to do?

3. What does Talia promise Elspeth?

4. What message does Ylsa give Talia?

5. How long has Talia been at the Collegium at the beginning of Chapter 11?

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