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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is instrumental in getting rid of Hulda?
(a) Selenay.
(b) Jadus.
(c) Teren.
(d) Orthallen.

2. Why is Orthallen disappointed?
(a) That Elspeth does not seem to like him.
(b) That the Queen has not gotten pregnant again.
(c) That Skif is not going to be punished.
(d) That Talia does not seem to like him.

3. How does Talia help the Selenay?
(a) She makes a positive prediction about the possible war.
(b) She tells her that Elspeth will turn out to be a strong, good queen.
(c) She uses her skills to help Selenay rest and forgive herself.
(d) Talia tells the Queen that Talia will work hard and be able to be of great help to the Queen soon.

4. What does Talia want for Elspeth?
(a) To live at the Collegium.
(b) To attend the Council meetings.
(c) To move in with Talia.
(d) To learn to ride a regular horse.

5. What does Talia convince Skif to do?
(a) Steal the immigration records from the Collegium.
(b) Steal a lock of Hulda's hair for a spell.
(c) Travel to Hulda's home to find out about her.
(d) Steal a lock of Hulda's hair for analysis.

6. How can Heralds increase their Gift?
(a) Using in tandem with their companion.
(b) By working with another Herald with a complimentary Gift.
(c) By certain herbs.
(d) By learning to use a trance approach.

7. Why do Skif and Talia dress all in black?
(a) To sneak into the records room again.
(b) To get revenge against the Blues students.
(c) To get revenge against the Reds students.
(d) To sneak into the castle and hear a meeting between Hulda and someone else.

8. What do her ambushers seem determined to do?
(a) Teach Talia's father a lesson by hurting her.
(b) Make Rolan die of grief.
(c) Teach Talia how to defend herself.
(d) Kill Talia.

9. How does the Queen get the arrows?
(a) She sends a mental request to the nearest village.
(b) She is unable to get the arrows.
(c) She sends a companion.
(d) Mentally with fetching Heralds.

10. Why does Talia rush to Keren?
(a) To give Keren a message from Ylsa.
(b) To announce what Talia just learned.
(c) To ask Keren to go help Ylsa at the crofter's home.
(d) To help her with the death of Ylsa.

11. What else has the group associated with the harassment of Talia done?
(a) Poisoned Talamir.
(b) Shown hostility to Rolan.
(c) Nothing that anyone knows about.
(d) Harrassed Elspeth.

12. What was not hung when King Valdemar dies?
(a) A rope and clapper in the bell-tower.
(b) His shield.
(c) His sword.
(d) His coat of arms.

13. How accurate is Rolan at seeing "through" Talia's eyes?
(a) 100 percent.
(b) 75 percent.
(c) 25 percent.
(d) 50 percent.

14. What does Talia's guard tell her?
(a) About the Death Bell.
(b) Why Beltren died.
(c) How Heralds are chosen.
(d) How Rolan came to the school.

15. Why does Talia take a different route from the stables one day?
(a) To check on her new saddle at the leather shop.
(b) To check on a robin's nest.
(c) To find out if the boat is back bringing her best friend.
(d) To get out of the wind.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who interferes with Talia working with Elspeth?

2. What is one thing that helps improve Elspeth's attitude toward companions?

3. Who is sentenced to death?

4. How does Talia fight back?

5. What is Talia's standing among the students and instructors?

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