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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Talia feel around Rolan?
(a) Uneasy.
(b) Fearful.
(c) Comfortable.
(d) Nervous.

2. What does Talia learn at the village?
(a) That she is to take Rolan back to the Collegium herself.
(b) That she is to take Rolan to the Queen, a journal of a month or more.
(c) That she and Rolan are to stay there until a Herald arrives.
(d) That she is to leave Rolan in the village and return home.

3. To what does Talia revert?
(a) Her childhood naivete.
(b) Her outgoing personality.
(c) Her behavior pattern from when she lived at the Holding.
(d) Her way of being funny to win people over.

4. What are girls taught where Talia grows up?
(a) Swords and bows.
(b) Scribing and accounting.
(c) Domestic duties.
(d) The same things as boys.

5. How do most people view the Heralds?
(a) With contempt.
(b) With jealousy.
(c) With disrespect..
(d) With respect and honor.

6. What does Talia ask of the Herald?
(a) To ride with her.
(b) For directions.
(c) For an explanation.
(d) For him to take Rolan the rest of the way.

7. What does Talia wonder when Roland is led away?
(a) If they will force her to return home.
(b) If Roland's rider will talk to her.
(c) If Rolan will remember her.
(d) If she'll ever see him again.

8. Why does Talia decide not to share with others about what is making her unhappy?
(a) She does not want to earn the reputation of being a complainer.
(b) She is embarrassed that her father disowned her.
(c) She thinks it will make the other kids envy her.
(d) She is embarrassed that her father is so proud of her.

9. What impresses Talia about the dining room?
(a) The variety of foods available.
(b) The neatness of the diners.
(c) The way the food is served by students who seem to enjoy doing so.
(d) The very long tables and numbers they will serve.

10. Whose eyes are gazing at Talia?
(a) A donkey.
(b) A dog.
(c) A horse.
(d) A young boy.

11. Who is delighted to see Rolan at the gate?
(a) The gatekeeper.
(b) The captain of the guard.
(c) A Herald.
(d) Roland's rider.

12. Where does Talia land when she falls?
(a) In a stream.
(b) At the feet of a white horse.
(c) In a crevice.
(d) In a garbage heap.

13. What is Talia told as she gazes into the eyes?
(a) That her prayers will be answered in due time.
(b) That she must marry.
(c) That her father has been Chosen for a very important task.
(d) That she is Chosen.

14. What is one thing that is a constant threat to Heralds?
(a) Overusing magic.
(b) Weather.
(c) Madness.
(d) Dark Servants.

15. Who does Talia meet in a village by a hut?
(a) A young girl who is crying.
(b) A man dressed in blue.
(c) A woman dressed in blue.
(d) A young boy who is crying.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Talia name the horse?

2. What does Elcarth mention that makes Talia's eyes light up?

3. What is special about the day that Keldar calls Talia?

4. How does Talia clean her clothes at the river?

5. What are the only things Talia can do?

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