Arrows of the Queen Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What are Heralds and Companions?

Heralds are people of the kingdom who travel around the countryside dispensing justice, spreading the news of the Queen and gathering information that will assist the Queen in making decisions. Companions are horse-like creatures who have powers beyond ordinary animals and chose their riders themselves.

2. What are the differences in the roles between men and women in Talia's holding and why might she be different than many women?

In her Holding, the men are stern and have several wives, fathering many children. The girls are taught to handle domestic duties around the community, but Talia has learned to read and write.

3. What is Talia's social life like in her holding?

Talia has no friends at all in the Hold, even though it has always been her home. She is sometimes befriended by a couple of the wives of her father, but most of the older women are frustrated by how different Talia is from the other children.

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