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Chapter One

1. What book is Talia reading at the opening of Chapter 1?
(a) She cannot read.
(b) A book about heralds and companions.
(c) A book about knights.
(d) A book about an enchanted princess.

2. Who chooses a companion's rider?
(a) The queen.
(b) The companion's mother.
(c) The herald.
(d) The companion.

3. What is the duty of a herald?
(a) To dispense justice and disseminate news.
(b) To study prophesies.
(c) To stand duty in the castle.
(d) To wait on the queen.

4. What is a Holding?
(a) The hand a card dealer keeps.
(b) The jewels and money of a noble.
(c) A community of people, on the outer edge of the Kingdom.
(d) The crown's possessions.

5. What are girls taught where Talia grows up?
(a) Domestic duties.
(b) The same things as boys.
(c) Swords and bows.
(d) Scribing and accounting.

6. Why does Keldar call Talia?
(a) To come to dinner.
(b) To meet with the other wives.
(c) To watch over her children.
(d) To scribe a letter for her.

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