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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Lord Orthallen try to do about Talia's internship?
(a) He wanted nothing to do with her internship.
(b) Have it doubled.
(c) Dispense with it altogether.
(d) Have it rotated among several Heralds.

2. What do Kris and Talia do for warmth?
(a) Cuddle.
(b) Light a magic fire log.
(c) Make a chirra lie down next to them.
(d) Bring the animals into the shelter.

3. What does Kris realize about Talia's feelings towards Dirk?
(a) She sees Dirk as a brother figure.
(b) He has no idea about her feelings towards Dirk.
(c) She was interested in Dirk until Kris and her made love.
(d) She is interested in Dirk.

4. What do Kris and Talia think their dreams are saying?
(a) That they need to set up a defensive perimeter.
(b) To leave the Waystation as soon as possible.
(c) That there are dangerous magical creatures in the woods.
(d) To move their supplies into the Waystation.

5. What is in the package Dirk sends Talia?
(a) A book about empathic Heralds.
(b) Love poems.
(c) Music transcripts.
(d) A book about life bonds.

6. What does Kris wish to control?
(a) How long Talia is out on internship.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Whether Talia and Dirk become involved.
(d) Portraying any doubt about Talia's gift.

7. Why does Talia have a scar on her hand?
(a) She cut herself intentionally when she was once upset as a child.
(b) Punishment as a child for refusing to drown some kittens.
(c) She slipped with a kitchen knife once.
(d) She was bitten by a dog when she was young.

8. What happens when Kris tries to comfort Talia?
(a) Rolan reacts negatively.
(b) Talia shuts him out.
(c) Talia lapses into silence.
(d) They end up making love.

9. What does Kris intend to do soon regarding Talia?
(a) Send her to complete her internship with someone else.
(b) Test her shields.
(c) Send in an unfavorable mid-internship report.
(d) Break off any romantic relationship.

10. What does Talia worry about as far as Kris is concerned?
(a) That he will tell Dirk that Kris and she are lifebonded.
(b) That he is too interested in Talia romantically.
(c) That his fear of her will get her an unfavable mid-internship report.
(d) That Kris will send her off to another intern supervisor.

11. What is wrong with the villagers?
(a) Alder plague.
(b) Berryman plague.
(c) Mosquito fever.
(d) Snow fever.

12. What does Talia learn from one of the restless chirras?
(a) That there is a wolf pack nearby.
(b) That a blizzard is coming soon.
(c) That there is a bear nearby.
(d) That there is a caravan headed their way.

13. What does Kris do that causes Talia to sob?
(a) Tells her he is relieving her of her Herald duties.
(b) Insults her gift.
(c) Is unkind to Rolan.
(d) Slams her into a wall.

14. What is Kris pursuing in a dream?
(a) An ice giant.
(b) A bear.
(c) An icy apparition.
(d) A giant wolf.

15. Who are Dirk's parents?
(a) A Soldier and Healer.
(b) A Herald and Healer.
(c) A Bard and Healer.
(d) A Bard and Herald.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Rolan faces the forest in challenge?

2. Why does Talia continually try to exhaust herself?

3. What does Talia think Lord Orthallen wants concerning Talia's status?

4. What will they do for the time they are snowed in?

5. What does Kris admit about his uncle?

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