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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kris hear in his dream?
(a) Talia laughing hysterically behind him.
(b) His Companion calling him.
(c) Talia weeping ahead of him.
(d) A young baby crying in a snowbank.

2. Why does Talia put the sewing maid to sleep?
(a) The maid is about to attack her employer.
(b) The maid is exhausted.
(c) Talia does not put her to sleep.
(d) In self defense.

3. What becomes a reflex due to Kris' continual drilling?
(a) Talia getting an arrow on her bowstring quickly.
(b) Talia drawing her sword when Kris moves towards her.
(c) Talia doing her Grounding and Centering.
(d) Talia jumping onto Rolan whether saddled or not.

4. What does Talia worry about concerning her gift and Kris?
(a) That Kris will want Talia to use her gifts to influence Dirk.
(b) That Kris is still afraid of Talia's gifts.
(c) That Kris will report back to his uncle in a negative light.
(d) That she may have unintentionally used her gift to influence Kris' feelings about her..

5. How does Talia act on the way to the Border?
(a) Lively.
(b) Surly.
(c) Witty.
(d) Silent and withdrawn.

6. What does one tree do in the windstorm?
(a) It falls against the wind.
(b) It fell and broke into tiny pieces because it was so brittle from the cold.
(c) It falls and smashes one corner of the Waystation's roof.
(d) It destroys the supply shed.

7. What did Lord Orthallen try to do about Talia's internship?
(a) Have it rotated among several Heralds.
(b) Dispense with it altogether.
(c) Have it doubled.
(d) He wanted nothing to do with her internship.

8. About what does Kris worry regarding Talia?
(a) That he hurt her feelings.
(b) That he will never trust her.
(c) That he insulted her.
(d) That he has ruined her as a Herald.

9. What does Talia worry about doing?
(a) Driving Kris and his Companion away.
(b) Driving herself crazy.
(c) Driving Kris over the edge.
(d) Driving Rolan away.

10. What does Kris intend to do soon regarding Talia?
(a) Break off any romantic relationship.
(b) Send in an unfavorable mid-internship report.
(c) Test her shields.
(d) Send her to complete her internship with someone else.

11. What does Kris share with Talia to help her sensitivity?
(a) A bottle of wine.
(b) A herbal tea drink.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A pipe with calming herbs.

12. What does Kris suggest they do to alert anyone passing by on the road?
(a) He camp out by the road.
(b) Nothing since they don't want to alert brigands.
(c) Plow their way from the road to the waystation.
(d) Place signals.

13. What does Kris do that causes Talia to sob?
(a) Is unkind to Rolan.
(b) Slams her into a wall.
(c) Insults her gift.
(d) Tells her he is relieving her of her Herald duties.

14. What surprises Kris and Talia when they sing after supper?
(a) They hear wolves howling nearby as if they are joining in.
(b) The Companions join in.
(c) The chirras join in.
(d) They have perfect harmony in their voices.

15. What happens when Rolan faces the forest in challenge?
(a) A huge, unknown creature charges them.
(b) A tree topples towards them.
(c) There is a feeling of surprise emanating from somewhere in the forest.
(d) The Heralds and Companions hear a nerve-shattering bellow, then nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Talia continually try to exhaust herself?

2. What surprises Kris about Talia?

3. What does Talia suggest to help the Weatherwitch recover from the loss of her child?

4. Why does Lord Orthallen hate Midwinter?

5. Of what do an older couple accuse their sewing maid?

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