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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kris explain to Talia?
(a) About his life bond with another Herald who died.
(b) About a Companion's need to be involved with other Companions sexually.
(c) About Dirk's music.
(d) About Midsummer celebrations.

2. What concepts does Kris teach Talia?
(a) Ground and Center.
(b) Ground and Airward.
(c) Going Inward and Outward.
(d) Center and Breath.

3. About what does Talia worry?
(a) If the storm will continue for much longer.
(b) Why Kris hasn't been as warm to her that day.
(c) If they have enough supplies to last the storm.
(d) How long it will take the Guard to clear the road.

4. How does Skif say Dirk is acting as far as Talia is concerned?
(a) Uninterested.
(b) Like a man with a lifebond.
(c) Jealous.
(d) Indifferent.

5. What does Kris suggest they do to alert anyone passing by on the road?
(a) He camp out by the road.
(b) Place signals.
(c) Nothing since they don't want to alert brigands.
(d) Plow their way from the road to the waystation.

6. Who is Kerithwyn?
(a) Another Herald who arrives at the village.
(b) A seer.
(c) A healer that Talia fetches.
(d) A wandering monk.

7. What message does Talia receive that distracts her?
(a) A message from her father.
(b) A message from Elspeth.
(c) A message from Selenay.
(d) A message from Alberich.

8. What does Talia think Lord Orthallen fears in regards to Talia?
(a) Her influence with Alberich.
(b) Her ability to influence Lord Orthallen.
(c) That she will try to influence Kris to marry her.
(d) Her influence with Selenay.

9. What did Dirk think about when he appeared to be chosen by Ahrodie?
(a) That his cousin would be a better Herald.
(b) That his parents would be ashamed of him as a Herald.
(c) That he was too ugly to be Chosen.
(d) That he was afraid to ride.

10. What is Talia's main feeling for Kris?
(a) Fear.
(b) Awe.
(c) Love.
(d) Need.

11. Who are Dirk's parents?
(a) A Herald and Healer.
(b) A Bard and Healer.
(c) A Soldier and Healer.
(d) A Bard and Herald.

12. What becomes a reflex due to Kris' continual drilling?
(a) Talia drawing her sword when Kris moves towards her.
(b) Talia getting an arrow on her bowstring quickly.
(c) Talia jumping onto Rolan whether saddled or not.
(d) Talia doing her Grounding and Centering.

13. How is the road when they finally reach it from the Waystation?
(a) They cannot find the road.
(b) Completely leared.
(c) Full of snowdrifts.
(d) A few clumps of snow here and there.

14. Who is the courier who arrives?
(a) Skif.
(b) Elspeth.
(c) Dirk.
(d) Sherren.

15. What rumors are spreading around Valdemar?
(a) That Talia is a traitor.
(b) That Selenay intends to abdicate as soon as Elspeth reaches her majority.
(c) That Elspeth is misusing her gifts and is poorly trained.
(d) That Talia is misusing her gifts and is poorly trained.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does one tree do in the windstorm?

2. What surprises Kris about Talia?

3. What do Kris and Talia think their dreams are saying?

4. What surprises Kris and Talia when they sing after supper?

5. What does Kris wish to control?

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