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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprises Kris about Talia?
(a) That she is so kind.
(b) That she is pretty tough.
(c) That she likes him.
(d) That she has not been with a man before.

2. Who is Kerithwyn?
(a) A seer.
(b) Another Herald who arrives at the village.
(c) A healer that Talia fetches.
(d) A wandering monk.

3. What does Kris share with Talia to help her sensitivity?
(a) A bottle of wine.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A pipe with calming herbs.
(d) A herbal tea drink.

4. Why does Lord Orthallen hate Midwinter?
(a) It is when everyone crowds into the city.
(b) There are so many petitions to consider.
(c) It is the most costly time for providing food to the needy.
(d) Too many festivities.

5. Of what do an older couple accuse their sewing maid?
(a) Stealing some jewelry.
(b) Stealing and eating their poultry.
(c) Mistreating their grandson.
(d) Stealing some material.

6. Who is Tedric?
(a) A Companion who arrives at the Waystation.
(b) A village elder.
(c) A Herald who arrives at the Waystation.
(d) A healer who arrives at the Waystation.

7. What does Kris intend to do soon regarding Talia?
(a) Break off any romantic relationship.
(b) Send her to complete her internship with someone else.
(c) Test her shields.
(d) Send in an unfavorable mid-internship report.

8. What is in the package Dirk sends Talia?
(a) A book about empathic Heralds.
(b) Music transcripts.
(c) A book about life bonds.
(d) Love poems.

9. What did Dirk think about when he appeared to be chosen by Ahrodie?
(a) That he was afraid to ride.
(b) That his parents would be ashamed of him as a Herald.
(c) That his cousin would be a better Herald.
(d) That he was too ugly to be Chosen.

10. Why does Talia have a scar on her hand?
(a) She slipped with a kitchen knife once.
(b) She was bitten by a dog when she was young.
(c) She cut herself intentionally when she was once upset as a child.
(d) Punishment as a child for refusing to drown some kittens.

11. What happens when Kris tries to comfort Talia?
(a) Rolan reacts negatively.
(b) Talia shuts him out.
(c) Talia lapses into silence.
(d) They end up making love.

12. How does Skif say Dirk is acting as far as Talia is concerned?
(a) Indifferent.
(b) Like a man with a lifebond.
(c) Jealous.
(d) Uninterested.

13. What did Lord Orthallen try to do about Talia's internship?
(a) Dispense with it altogether.
(b) He wanted nothing to do with her internship.
(c) Have it rotated among several Heralds.
(d) Have it doubled.

14. Why does Talia put the sewing maid to sleep?
(a) The maid is about to attack her employer.
(b) The maid is exhausted.
(c) Talia does not put her to sleep.
(d) In self defense.

15. What happens when Rolan faces the forest in challenge?
(a) There is a feeling of surprise emanating from somewhere in the forest.
(b) A tree topples towards them.
(c) A huge, unknown creature charges them.
(d) The Heralds and Companions hear a nerve-shattering bellow, then nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Rolan seem while they are traveling?

2. About what does Kris worry concerning him and Talia?

3. What does Kris ask Talia about her internship when it is almost Midsummer?

4. What does Talia learn from one of the restless chirras?

5. What does Talia worry about doing?

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