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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What meanings does Kyril explain to Talia?
(a) The meanings of the hand signals she will use with Rolan.
(b) The colors and patterns of the Arrow-Code.
(c) The meanings of the different bows to nobles.
(d) The colors and patterns of the Pigeon-Code.

2. What happens when Kris tries to comfort Talia?
(a) Talia shuts him out.
(b) Talia lapses into silence.
(c) Rolan reacts negatively.
(d) They end up making love.

3. How does Talia cheer up Elspeth?
(a) By saying Elspeth can ride Rolan.
(b) By giving Elspeth a new sword.
(c) By giving Elspeth a new fletch of arrows.
(d) By saying Elspeth can go on a week's journey with Talia.

4. Where will Kris and Talia stay when they arrive at their assigned sectors?
(a) They will stay at a border fort.
(b) They will rotate among the homes of the towns.
(c) In the waystations.
(d) They will stay in Talia's home.

5. Why does Lord Orthallen hate Midwinter?
(a) Too many festivities.
(b) It is the most costly time for providing food to the needy.
(c) There are so many petitions to consider.
(d) It is when everyone crowds into the city.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Kris and Talia need to be careful to do?

2. What does Talia vehemently deny?

3. Where does Keren take Talia?

4. Who is Talamir?

5. In what town are Kris and Talia staying?

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