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This is the world in which this novel takes place.


They are Chosen by Companions and act as administrative overseers, dispensers of justice, information gatherers and even temporary military advisers.


They are horse-like creatures who Choose Heralds and form a lifelong bond.

Queen's Own

Second in importance to the Monarch is this person, who is Chosen by a special Companion who never ages.


These are those people who form lifelong bonds with the Companions.


These are pack animals that carry Heralds' supplies during their journeys.

The Collegium

This is the school, located in the Capital, where the Chosen train to become Heralds.

Northern Border Sector

The majority of this novel takes place in the here, since this is where Talia is assigned on her internship with Kris.


This is Talia's birthplace, where women are expected to assume a subordinate role.



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