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1. What wars occurred long ago in Velgarth?
(a) Boundary Wars.
(b) Sorcerous Wars.
(c) Religious Wars.
(d) Clan Wars.

2. Where do the humans flee during the wars of long ago?
(a) The Northern marshlands.
(b) The high passes.
(c) The lower plans in the West.
(d) The Eastern coastline.

3. What are Companions?
(a) Horse-like creatures.
(b) Specially trained dogs that bond with humans.
(c) Specially trained wolves that bond with humans.
(d) A variety of animal species that bond with humans.

4. What is a Herald?
(a) A musically talented male who is in charge of announcing royalty.
(b) A musically talented female who is in charge of announcing royalty.
(c) A human that bonds with a companion.
(d) The human assigned to cull the wolf cubs for companions.

5. What is one job of a Herald?
(a) Administrative overseer.
(b) Keeping the musical horns tuned.
(c) Feeding and grooming the wolves.
(d) Feeding and grooming the dogs.

6. Who must always be a Herald?
(a) The Chamberlain.
(b) The Monarch.
(c) No one.
(d) One child of an existing Herald.

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